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Van-Far FCCLA holds annual banquet

Posted on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 10:51 am

Outgoing and incoming officers for Van-Far’s FCCLA.

Outgoing and incoming officers for Van-Far’s FCCLA.

The Van-Far Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) celebrated its members last week with their annual banquet.
The event began with the introduction of officers and President Abbegail Robinson leading the Opening Ceremony.
A devotion was given by Inspirational Leader Olivia Bybee. Bybee also gave the dinner announcement. The “Thank You” was led by Secretary Gina Clausen.
A slideshow was presented by Historian I and II Courtney Jennings and Mackenzie Kurz.
The list of 2016-2017 officers announced included President Abbi Kuda; 1st Vice-President Baileigh Lucas; 2nd Vice-President/Point Keeper Autumn Sutton; Secretary Gina Clausen; Treasurer/Historian Autumn Brookshier; Reporter/Inspirational Leader Shaylinn Summers; Region IV Secretary Tessia Kuda; and Region IV Treasurer Abbi Kuda.
The other awards presented include:
A Better You-Tessia Kuda
Fall Leadership Conference (Tan-Tar-A Resort)-Abbey Robinson, Gina Clausen, Mackenzie Kurz, Baileigh Lucas, Lindsey Nitcher, Autumn Sutton, Olivia Bybee, Tessia Kuda, and Abbi Kuda
Junior Achievement Scholarship-Abbegail Robinson, $250; Emily Williams, $250
Mega Star Club-Olivia Bybee, Gina Clausen, Tessia Kuda, Baileigh Lucas, Lindsey Nitcher, Abbegail Robinson, Autumn Sutton, and Abbi Kuda
National Leadership Conference (Dallas, Texas)-Abbegail Robinson, Abbi Kuda, and Lindsey Nitcher
Outstanding Members-Pandora Seitz and Kenede Farrell
STAR events (Montgomer Co. Schools)-Abbi Kuda, Tessia Kuda, Abbegail Robinson, Gina Clausen, Olivia Bybee, Autumn Sutton, and Baileigh Lucas
State Meeting (Tan-Tar-A)-Baileigh Lucas, Olivia Bybee, Tessia Kuda, Abbi Kuda, Gina Clausen, Lindsey Nitcher, Autumn Sutton, and Abbegail Robinson
Super Star Club-Pandora Seitz and Mackenzie Kurz
Star Cub-Autumn Brookshier, Kiel Hagen, Katlyn Hunn, Rebekkah Painter, Shaylinn Summers, Madison Swank, Emily Williams, Harley Young, Jade Young, and Courtney Jennings
Most Valuable Officer-Abbi Kuda
Most Outstanding Officer-Abbegail Robinson