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Van-Far discusses amendment to budget

Posted on Wednesday, October 30, 2013 at 12:54 pm

Indian-logoAn amendment was made to the 2013-2014 district budget during the Van-Far R-I School Board meeting held on Thursday, October 17.
According to the meeting minutes, revenues have decreased by $2,994 and expenditures increased by $37,546. The amendment was explained by Superintendent Dr. Stephen Hunter.
It reflects revisions to federal funding in revenues and the redistribution for the local AEL program in expenditures.
An amendment is expected to be made in March to revise budget revenues to reflect the collection of county tax receipts.
Dr. Hunter also reported that the enrollment in the district is up 20 students from September 2013. It is now 608.
Dr. Hunter led the board in discussion on the Van-Far/Community R-VI football committee meeting held a week earlier.
He noted the positive learning experiences for students and the committees wishes the agreement to continue.
The board will need to approve continuation of the cooperative in the November meeting to comply with the MSHSAA deadline.
A drawing of a new press box at the football field was also presented. The Van-Far Booster Club had presented their proposal at a June board meeting.
The proposal was a four level structure. The first level houses restrooms, second level is for storage, third level is for announcers and media, while the top level is for game filming. Workers are expected to be needed at 9 a.m. on October 26 and November 2 to demolish the old press box.
Food Services Opaa representative Sheila Frost updated members on new government regulations required for school districts.
While August 2012 regulations focused on lunches, the August 2013 regulations targeted breakfast. The August 2014 regulations will be implemented on sodium, whole grain rich foods, and competitive foods, which are those sold for fundraisers.
Districts will not be allowed to sell any foods that do not meet regulations between midnight and 30 minutes past the last bell of the school day.
In addition, the 2014 regulations will greatly impact the ala carte items. Frost gave board members the online address for USDA to post public comments through October 28.
She encouraged board members to go to the website and express their concerns.
Principal Reports
Van-Far Elementary Principal Amber Crane reported a 94% turnout for parent-teacher conferences. She also said the Book Fair will be held from October 21-25. A food drive in the elementary building collected more than 900 items.
Van-Far High School Principal Cindy Pirch reported an EMO Speed Workshop being held at Van-Far on October 10. The district will also host the EMO Speech Contest on February 22.
Many fundraisers are currently being held for the “Blessings in a Bag” program as 20 students are being served.
She invited board members to attend the Veterans’ Day celebration on November 11. Veterans will arrive for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. and the program begins at 9:30 a.m.
Plans are also in the works to host a celebration for the 10th anniversary of the state basketball championship.
Samantha Davis, 2013 Girls’ State, and Cody Buie, 2013 Boys’ State, each made presentations about their experiences in this year’s mock government event. Both students expressed that they had a “great learning experience.” Cody reported that he ran for a public office.
New teachers recognized were Blake Hampleman (5th grade/Jr. High football coach), Scott Eickhoff (6th grade/Jr. High football coach), and Kylie Epperson (personal finance/PLATO instructor/softball and basketball coach.)
The MSBA Fall Meeting was scheduled for 6 p.m. on Wednesday, October 24. The Spring Regional Meeting will be held at Van-Far with the date and time to be announced later.
The board voted to change the December school board meeting to Wednesday, December 18. The change was made to help ease congestion of board meeting follow-ups and payday on an early-out day. Board members also changed the November meeting to 6 p.m. in the high school library to allow members to attend the EMO Conference Choir Concert, being hosted by Van-Far that evening.
A first reading of “GCPCA/GDPCA Staff Retirement Incentives” was given. Revision of the policies is to require a notification date of the January regular board meeting if an employee is planning on retiring and is eligible for the incentive. According to the meeting minutes, GCPCA will change the term “teachers” to “professional staff members” to be consistent throughout the policy.
The 2013-2014 Assessment Plan was approved.
In board member reports, board member Pete Nasir suggested for members to call their legislators regarding lunch standards.