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Van-Far Class of 2013 has three sets of twins

Posted on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 at 1:10 pm

Van-Far’s Class of 2013 has three sets of twins. They include Dylan and Cody Stubblefield, front row, along with Kambrie and Kambrin Hartsell, Alex and Adam Brewer.

It’s that time of year. The days are steadily growing warmer and excitement is building in the halls as students plan their summers, graduates plan their futures, and parents of graduates plan celebrations. This year three families will be making plans in duplicate. With a ratio of one in 90 births being a twin, Van-Far’s 2013 graduating class of 44 students, has three sets of twins graduating.
The Brewer, Stubblefield, and Hartsell twins have all attended Van-Far together since Kindergarten. The Brewers, (children of Kenny and Shari Brewer), and the Stubblefields, (children of Gary and Sandy Stubblefield), are identical twins. The Hartsells (children of the late Norman Hartsell and Keyna Hartsell) are fraternal.
Dylan and Cody Stubblefield were born two minutes apart at birth. As far as identical twins go, the Stubblefields seem to have grown up with the most individuality. Their names do not rhyme or start with the same letter, as is common with twins, and they were always dressed in their own color.  Dylan wore red and Cody wore blue. They say their kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Madison Orr relied on the colors to tell them apart.
Given the fact that they were raised with the most individuality, it’s a little surprising that of the three sets, the Stubblefields are the ones that are excited to be attending the same college and studying the same subject; music technology.
The Stubblefields say they only attempted to fool teachers and classmates once in the sixth grade. They switched their colors and went to each others classes but were unsuccessful at fooling their classmates.
Van-Far High School Principal Cindy Pirch says they fool her all the time as well.
When asked if they have twin telepathy, the Stubblefields say not really but sometimes before they even see each other in the mornings they have dressed the same.
The Brewers, Alex, and Adam, were born six minutes apart and Alex loves to use that to assert his authority as the oldest. Both Adam and Alex have the same middle name of Robert.
Alex says you could always tell them apart because his hair had a tendency to stick out where Adam’s always laid down nicely. When asked about twin telepathy the Brewers just laughed and said they correct each other when they say something stupid.
The Brewers both have the same career interests but are going about it in different ways. Adam knows which college he is attending and plans to major in either architecture or engineering and minor in design. Alex isn’t clear on where he wants to attend college, but wants to major in design and minor in architecture.
The Hartsells, Kambrie and Kambrin, were only born one minute apart and are fraternal twins. They are known as Bubba and Sissy to friends and family. Kambrin jokingly said Kambrie was the spoiled one and he was the mistreated one. Kambrin also wanted it to be noted that Kambrie got her name off the side of a truck.
With them being a boy and a girl there obviously wasn’t the issue of fooling teachers or classmates and Kambrin jokingly said, “Kambrie wore pink, I wore blue. She liked Barbies, and I liked cars.”
— Story submitted by Rebekah Pritchett