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Van-Far athletes shine at annual Power Meet

Posted on Wednesday, March 15, 2017 at 1:06 pm

Several Van-Far boys and girls athletes showed off their recent hard work in the weight room with a solid group performance at the annual South Callaway Power Meet held two weekends ago.
Van-Far had five athletes earn team points with top eight finishes in their weight class or division.
The girls squad finished third overall with 10 team points and were led by Jordan Garner. She finished with an AR of 0.6526 in the Silver Division for third place.
She placed third overall in the hang clean with a clear of 180 lbs. With both divisions combined, she was 11th overall.
In the Blue Division, Makayla McAfee finished fifth overall with an AR of .7188 to score four points. She was also ranked seventh overall between both divisions, earning herself a spot in the Top 15.
The boys who participated were led by Jacob Garner, who was first place in the 170-184.9 lbs. weight class. He scored 1.1342 AR to earn 10 team points. He was first in the bench press lifting 250 lbs., second in the squat at 375 lbs., second in the hang clean at 280 lbs., and third in the 40-yard dash with a time of 4.99 seconds.
“Jacob’s 280 in the power clean was his personal best,” said Van-Far coach Kevin Baldwin. “Jacob’s a kid that challenges himself every day…”
In the overall Top-25 for all weight divisions, Jacob Garner was sixth overall.
Nathan Beatty earned third place honors for six team points with a 0.8169 AR in the 225-249.9 lb. weight class.
Beatty was second in the vertical jump leaping 28.7”, second in the 40-yard dash with a time of 5.54 seconds, third in the squad lifting 425 lbs., and third in the hang clean with a lift of 285 lbs.
“I told the kids to start out with light weights and he’s one who definitely did,” Baldwin said. “He hardly lifted anything and now he’s just blowing the top off of it and doing really well.”
Teammate Alex Flowers was sixth overall in the 200-224.9 lbs. weight class to earn four team points. Flowers finished third in the bench press lifting 275 lbs.
Though he didn’t place in the overall standings, Jesus Deminguez was second overall in the 200-224.9 lbs. weight class for squats at 405 lbs.
The boys team placed seventh overall out of 13 teams who participated in spite of being without several athletes due to an FFA event the same weekend.
“We had some kids get their PR (personal record), which was big for us because they have been working hard all winter,” Baldwin said.
“Some already knew what they could do so to go up there and surpass what they could do was neat.”
The complete list of participants also included Tony Gorland, Kyle Ebers, Samuel Hazel, Corbin O’Connor, Ashley Stanich, Maddie Dunn, Dayton Sanders, Aisha Ezeta, and Salmon Thomas.
Baldwin said was he was proud of how the younger athletes performed.
“We took a good mixture of veteran and young kids,” Baldwin noted.
“It was exciting to see how excited the young kids were. They were eager to get home and improve on what they did there. They thought ‘a little bit of hard work, I can be better than those guys’…I was pleased overall. They all showed up and did a great job and did their best.”