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Van-Far athletes perform well at South Callaway weight lifting event

Posted on Wednesday, March 20, 2013 at 10:46 am

Van-Far’s Ethan Gooch is spotted by Van-Far head coach Blake Logan in the squat event.

Ten Van-Far athletes displayed their power and speed in a variety of events during the 2013 South Callaway Power Meet held on Saturday, March 9 featuring 12 schools and about 395 participants. Van-Far’s boys team took ninth place overall with 16 team points to beat out both Mark Twain and Salisbury.
This year’s group included sophomores Chris Couch, Chevi Windland, Lucas Robinson, and Brandon Otis; juniors Logan Boyd, Trey Hull, and Shawn Overton; as well as seniors Devontay Wilkerson, Ethan Gooch, and Brian Fuget.
“The group competed very well for their first time at a Power Meet,” said Van-Far head football and track and field coach Blake Logan. “Not only did a few guys place but more importantly we had many break their personal records in various events… I was very proud of all the kids who went and have added respect for those willing to compete.”
Logan Boyd led the Indians by finishing second in overall athletic rating with a 1.2661 while competing in a field of 40 participants. Boyd took second in the 40 yard dash with a time of 4.60 seconds, second in the hang clean with 250 pounds, second in squat with 400 pounds, and second in the bench press with a lift of 260 pounds.
Boyd was fifth in vertical jump with 30.60” and 77.72 centimeters. He was fifth in the overall Top 25.
“It personally made me feel good (to do well) being in a smaller weight class, beating 250-pound plus kids that should have been better than me but weren’t,” Boyd said. “It was fun.”
In the same weight class, Gooch placed sixth overall with an athletic rating of 1.0752. Gooch tied for fifth in squat with 330 pounds and was sixth overall in the 40 yard dash with a time of 4.69 seconds.
His vertical jump was 12th best with a 29.30” and 74.42 centimeters while his bench press hit 195 pounds. He also lifted 215 pounds in hang clean.
He was 23rd in the overall Top 25.
“It was fun; I wish we could have got into these earlier,”
Gooch said.
Overton finished near the bottom in the weight class. His vertical jump was 24.50” and 62.23 centimeters. Overton finished the 40 yard dash in 5.38 seconds, lifted 175 pounds in hang clean, and reached 265 pounds in the squat. He did not participated in the bench press.
Wilkerson also finished near the bottom in the weight class. His vertical jump was 29” and 73.66 centimeters. He took 13th in the 40 yard dash in 4.88 seconds and lifted 210 pounds in hang clean. He did not participated in the bench press or the squat.
In the 140-154.9 pound weight class, Robinson had a three lift total of 565 pounds to finish in the bottom half of a 35 person field. His vertical jump was 23.80” and 60.45 centimeters. Robinson’s 40 yard dash time was 5.21 seconds, his bench was 145 pounds, hang clean was 175 pounds, while his squat was 245 pounds.
Windland was the lone female to participate for Van-Far but held her own against 25 other girls who competed in the same events. In spite of being the fifth lightest to compete, Windland took seventh in the squat with 186 pounds.
She finished near the middle in the 40 yard dash in 5.81 seconds as well as the bench press with a lift of 99 pounds. She did not compete in the vertical jump or the hang clean.
Hull placed fourth overall in the 170-184.9 pound weight class with a 1.0426 athletic rating.
He finished second in the 40 yard dash with a time of 4.72 seconds, fourth in the vertical jump with 29.90” and 75.95 centimeters, fifth in bench press with 245 pounds, eighth in squad with 315 pounds, and ninth in hang clean with 240 pounds.
Fuget took 11th in the 185-199.9 pound weight class. Fuget placed ninth in the bench press with 225 pounds and ninth in squat with 340 pounds.
He nailed 21.70” and 55.12 centimeters in the vertical jump, had a time of 5.21 seconds in the 40 yard dash, and had 225 pounds in hang clean.
Otis finished near the bottom of the 200-224.9 pound weight class. His vertical jump was 15.80” and 40.13 centimeters, time was 6.86 seconds in 40 yard dash, cleared 155 in the bench press, had 205 in squat, and 150 pounds in hang clean.
Couch finished near the middle of the pack in the 250 and above weight class. He had 16.10” and 40.89 centimeters in the vertical jump, 6.21 seconds in the 40 yard dash, lifted 165 pounds in the bench press, hit 275 pounds in squat, and had 165 pounds in hang clean.
Importance of Weight Room
Van-Far football players currently have an opportunity to participate in an offseason weight program on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 3:30-5 p.m.
Van-Far head coach Blake Logan said weight training is vitally important to all student athletes.
“Weight training is vital to athletes for multiple reasons,” Logan said. “First, added weight and strength allows student athletes to gain an advantage over many athletes who may  have more God-given talent. Also, when athletes are stronger they tend to be more confident, which is a great attribute in all sports as the mind tells the body what to do. Perhaps most importantly, weight training is best for injury prevention. It is proven that those who are involved in structured and consistent resistance training have fewer muscle/tendon/ligament injuries.”
Boyd said he saw the difference the weight room made this past football season with his performance on the field.
“This last year, lifting all summer in the weight room, I was able to double all my stats,” he said. “It’s helped out my athletic ability overall. Before lifting weights I’d get injured and was very vulnerable. Now I feel very confident and I’m not getting injured. It feels like I’ve gotten faster and can jump higher.”
Gooch added that lifting has helped him in all sports.
“It dramatically helps you in any sport,” he said. “In basketball, it helps with muscle memory and in football you can just run over people…It helps with muscle fatigue…I just strive to be the best because I don’t like being second doing anything. Hopefully the younger kids see that and get that drive too.”