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Van-Far 6th graders honored during promotion at Elementary School

Posted on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 2:48 pm

Newly inducted members of the Van-Far National Junior Honor Society.

Newly inducted members of the Van-Far National Junior Honor Society.

Sixth graders at Van-Far Elementary School were honored with several awards during the 6th Grade Celebration Ceremony on May 23.
The D.A.R. Youth Good Citizenship Medal and Award was given to Emily Willis.
Character+ Trait Awards were given by the teachers.
Compassion-Dylan Bailey
Cooperation-Emily Willis
Creativity-Caleb Corder
Humor-Maddie McAfee
Generosity-Trevor Lower
Initiative-Alivia Graddy
Honesty-Colin Wilburn
Enthusiasm-Morgan Slatten
Tolerance-Tessa Fox-Davis
Adversity-Dylan Harvey Schott
Polite-Alyse Jensen
Trustworthyness-Olivia Bybee
Leadership-Mackena Hays
Considerate-Michaela Franke
Catlin Jones also received an award.
(RR=Read and Respond; SF=Six Flags; RC=Reading Circle; PH=Pizza Hut; SC=Scholastic Reading; SS=Social Studies ‘A’ four quarters; Sci=Science ‘A’ four quarters; P*=Presidential Award for Educational Achievement; AB=’A’/’B’ all four quarters; As=’A’ all four quarters; YM=Young Math; Mim=Most Improvement Math; M=Math; SCM=Scholastic Math; CA=Communication Arts; A=Art Club; P=Presidential)
Zane Allen-P*, RR, SC, SCM
Sharon Baur-MAP Advanced All 3 Tests, SS, AB, SCM, P, CA, RR, SC, Sci
Austin Chastain-SCM, A, P*, SC
Mackena Hays-YM, M, As, SS, A, P, CA, PH, SF, SC, Sci
Julian Holtkamp-A
Aryanna Lasley-P*, Sci
Trevor Lower-P*, SCM
Maddie McAfee-SCM, A, P*, R, PH, SF, SC, Sci
Ana Pearl-A, SF, SC
Morgan Slatten-SCM, P*, CA, SC, Mim, Sci
Colin Wilburn-YM, M, As, SCM, SS, P, CA, PH, SF, SC, Sci
Mallory Williams-Sci, As, SCM, SS, AP, CA, RR, PH, SF, SC, M
Emily Willis-Sci, AB, SCM, SS, A, P, CA, RR, PH, SF, SC
Katie Arnold-A, P*, SC
Cam Bryan-SCM, SC
Olivia Bybee-Sci, M, SCM, A, P, SS, SF, R, RR, SC, CA, As
Benjamin Cassaday-SCM, P*, SC
Adalyn Cole-Sci, As, CA, A, P, SF, R, PH, RR, SC, SS, SCM
Kady Decker-Sci, SCM, A, P*, PH, SC
Deonta Fleming-A, SF, PH, SC, SCM
Tessa Fox-Davis-A, P*, SF, RR, SCM, AB
Alivia Graddy-SCM, Sci, CA, A, P, AB, SF, RR, SC, SS
Rylee Hanson-A, PH
Dylan Harvey Schott-SCM, Sci, A, P, American Citizenship Award, SC
Alyse Jensen-As, SCM, CA, SC, M, Sci, SS, A, P, SF, R, PH, RR
Verdell Johnson-RR
Makayla McAfee-SS, P*, SF, RR, SC, SCM
Gary McCurdy-RR, SC, SCM
Samuel Middleton-CA, SCM, AB, SS, Sci, A, P, RR, SC
Dylan Bailey-P*, SF, RR, SCM
Ariana Battaglio-P*, SF, SCM
Brent Borders-Fugate-SF, SCM
Aubrey Bunge-AB, Sci, SS, SCM, A, P, SC, CA, RR, M, R
Caleb Corder-Sci, P*, CA, SF, SC
Matthew Dunn-RR, SC, SCM
Katie Elzea-Sci, SS, As, A, P, CA, SF, R, SC, RR
Caitlin England-AB, Sci, RR, SS, A, P, CA, M, SC, SF
Michaela Franke-Sci, SM, CA, Mim, SF, RR, SC
Cassandra Hazel-A, SC, SCM
Catlin Jones-SC
Aidan Lowrance-A, SF, RR, SCM, Sci
Payton Pargeon-SC, SCM
Alex Smith-RR
Isaac Smith-SS, CA, RR, SC, Sci
Colby Walton-Sci, SS, AB, A, P, RR, SC, SCM
Other 6th graders-Austin Meadows