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Unique MSHSAA co-op changes discussed at R-VI meeting

Posted on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 at 5:26 pm

The Community R-VI School Board discussed unique co-op changes from the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA) at their recent meeting in January.
Community R-VI Secondary Principal Bob Curtis, in the meeting, noted that MSHSAA has new rules that may effect how many schools can co-op, being two or three schools, that are allowed to be in a co-op.
It is being considered that if school classifications add up to less than six, that they can still co-op.
With Community R-VI being Class I and Van-Far being Class II, which adds up to being a Class III, if a school is over a Class VI, they can’t co-op according to the possible new ruling. There is a consideration to change the rule to a straight enrollment. This possible new ruling will also not likely sffect the Community R-VI and Van-Far co-op, but it could be an issue for larger schools
Also, MSHSAA is considering a possible move going to six classes rather than five in all sports.
In his other report, Principal Curtis also noted that attendance is high and “We have some really good teachers across the board.”
He said in observing classrooms, folks can see high energy, hands on participation, and good body language from students in the classrooms. One example given was from observing Mrs. Utterback’s classroom students, who were found extracting DNA from strawberries.
Community R-VI Elementary Principal Tammy Angel reports attendance is high with students gearing up for testing, using the newly purchased i-Ready program that mirrors the MAP testing to improve scores. Encouragement for students to complete a lesson is charted by receiving a pictorial scoop of ice cream to be placed on a cone posted in the elementary cafeteria.
Once the program concludes, the highest scoring class is to receive a reward in the classroom. The program seems to be underway and going well though a few classrooms seem to be holding unto some results up to this time.
The elementary received a check from an out-of-area bank. Through volunteer Jamie York, her 16 volunteer hours resulted in around $500.
Her efforts were noted for bringing in a “significant amount of funding to the elementary.”
Homecoming is Feb. 1 and Community R-VI will play Pilot Grove
There will also be an ACT Prep Academy held at the Mexico Military
Academy. This will be a three day event held Feb. 1-3. It is a 20 hour workshop that is really good in regards to raising ACT numbers or by simply getting kids ready for the first time taking the ACT exams. The program is for juniors and seniors at a cost of $149, but if students are enrolled with the free and reduced lunches program, it is possible to get signed up for free.
Community R-VI Superintendant Cheryl Mack reported that Margie Vandeven got her old job back as Missouri’s education commissioner. However, before education will be under the rules of the Minimum School Program 6, it will possibly be 2021/2022 due to the process.
DESE results, typically used to arrive by the fall, however, they are just now getting those results. With tests to be taken in April, this is leaving not a lot of time to adjust instruction for these tests. There should be some scoring results later in February.
In other news, Superintendant Mack requested permission with approval from the school board to apply for a DERA EPA bus grant, which is a program that issues grants to schools to help hold down emissions by purchasing new buses to replace older buses with higher emissions.
If approved, the only requirement in liquidating the older buses in to punch a hole in the engine block to destroy use of that engine. In this program, the school pays 75% while the EPA pays 25% for bus replacement. Superintendent Mack states that 25% of a $90,000 vehicle is a significant amount of savings.
Bond election committee member candidates were considered for approval which will include students, teachers, and others in the district. Letters will be mailed out accordingly to approved candidates.
Three drafts of the 2019-2020 calendar were sent out. The calendar needs to show 1,080 hours, representing 1,044 hours with 36 make up hours. The hearing for the calendar will be Feb. 20.
The April School Board meeting date is moved up one week to April 10. The April Board meeting date moved up one week to April 10 because you have to reorganize within 10 days of the election.