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Unfortunate situation taking place in Ferguson, Mo.

Posted on Wednesday, August 13, 2014 at 5:22 am

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

This past week, a Ferguson, Mo. teenager was shot and killed by an officer there.
The problem is not only did a young man lose his life, there was no nearby camera that caught the incident on video.
It’s the classic case of “he said, she said.”
One supposed eyewitness says that teenager Michael Brown was surrendering with his hands in the air to show he was unarmed when an officer opened fire.
Ferguson, Mo. authorities claim that Brown attacked the officer in his patrol car and tried to take his gun.
How do we not know the supposed eyewitness isn’t just making their account up?
How do we not know that this officer wasn’t crooked and took inappropriate action in this situation?
Michael Brown was also a black teenager, which only fueled racial tension between officers and inner city residents who feel St. Louis area officers have an ongoing history of profiling and treating the black community improperly.
Since then, residents from all over the St. Louis area have taken to the streets in protest. What started out as a peaceful demonstration turned violent with the destruction and looting of several businesses in the area.
The officer’s name was to be released late Tuesday night, which will result in a nightmare for his family that might never end.
This is the Trayvon Martin situation all over again and its ramped up a bit with this involving a police officer.
But as we saw in the Martin case, when the facts began coming out, a different picture was painted than what was being portrayed by protesters.
That may or may not be the same thing that happens this time.
Lord willing, the facts of this case can be pieced together and done so really quickly.
The longer authorities take, the more energized the violent protesters will become.
Which brings up the question, why do so many protesters think their voice is being heard by looting and setting fires to stores?
I truly believe their protest would be more successful with a large sign of unity if people flooded the streets in a peaceful protest.
Instead, they’re only distracting authorities from getting to the bottom of what happened and who was or was not at fault.
The rest of this week should be an interesting one.