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U.S. Senate write-in candidate Patrick Lee visits Leader office

Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 at 10:02 am

NEWS---SENATE-CANDIDATEOne U.S. Senate candidate hoping to represent Missouri on the federal level after the November election visited The Vandalia Leader’s office last Thursday.
Patrick Lee visited the Vandalia newspaper as part of his statewide media tour to announce his candidacy as a write-in candidate with plans to file on July 19 (the first day of filing). Lee hopes to visit every Missouri newspaper, radio station, and television station by the end of October.
During his visit, he set his alarm for a nine-minute presentation while having his wrist handcuffed to a paint can that has a “Stop Kicking the Can” sign on the front of it.
Lee first wrote down the national debt at 3:08 p.m., which showed $19,108,426,100.
His unique approach is to bring attention to his platform of eliminating the national debt by 2033 or 2043. His hope is that politicians can stop “kicking the can” when it comes to this debt that he says is going to impact future generations. Lee also hopes to eliminate the annual $400 billion budget deficit.
His platform also includes plants to simplify the income tax, secure social security, rein-in regulations, replace Obamacare, resolve the immigration crisis, clean-up campaigning with an emphasis on transparency, want for a responsible and responsive government, along with several other platform objectives.
“My campaign is to the thought leaders of the state,” Lee said. “I want to engage them in my effort to influence the debate…”Lee is using his own money for his campaign with hopes of winning, and at the very least, to force incumbent U.S. Senator Roy Blunt and other candidates to answer key questions.
Examples would be for Senator Blunt to specifically release his plans to eliminate the national debt and plans to balance the budget.
Lee also shared a few of his favorite things with a list in the spirit of an original song from “The Sound of Music” called “These are a few of my favorite things…”
At the end of the candidate’s presentation, which actually went long at 12 minutes, Lee reported the national debt had increased about $800,000 per minute.

More about Lee
The Ashland, Mo. man has visited “The Vandalia Leader” office in the past as he is a college friend of former owner Gary Sosniecki.
Lee is 65 and says he’s been a spectator in politics since the mid-1970s.
During the past 25 years, Lee has been an actor performing for conference audiences as Thomas Jefferson, Daniel Boone, and William Clark.
Though it may look silly for Lee to have a paint can handcuffed to his wrist, he said he was serious in his efforts.
“I have devoted a year of my life to this effort,” he added.
Learn more about Lee on his website