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Tyronn Lue is proof we can dream big

Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2016 at 11:11 am

EDITORIAL---ron-mug-colorgsWith two shout outs to Mexico, Missouri on national television in front of 44.5 million viewers, native Tyronn Lue indirectly told Audrain County youngsters that even their biggest dreams can come true.
Lue was so moved with emotions after coaching the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Ohio city’s first title in 52 years, that he couldn’t help but think about how far he’s come on his personal journey.
After all, he grew up in a small town, went on to shine in high school for Mexico and Raytown before eventually playing for the University of Nebraska.
He won an NBA title with the Los Angeles Lakers and played for several NBA teams before starting a career in the front office in 2009.
Just seven years later, he’s at the top of the coaching ranks with his first NBA title after just taking over the team this past January when David Blatt was fired.
All of his hard work culminated in this accomplishment on such a big stage causing him to be reminded of just how far his life has come from his days playing basketball on the Mexico, Missouri’s courts.
Lue instantly gave all of us hope and showed us that if we dream big and work hard for it, we might just be able to do the imaginable.
With Lue putting this area on the proverbial map, perhaps there is another county resident who may find themselves doing the same thing some day.
Lue has given all of us hope that we can make a difference and perhaps do so with a big platform that most of us thought we would never be able obtain.
I want to congratulate Lue and his family on this great accomplishment.
It’s hard to imagine what they are feeling right now. This is a family celebration and I’m thrilled for them.
I also want to say thank you to a young man who has not forgotten where he comes from. By being unselfish and willing to give back to your community on such a national stage with a couple of shout outs will be beneficial to this area for some time.
Thank you Tyronn Lue and congratulations.
P.S. Please try to bring the NBA trophy to Audrain County. This sort of event would further illustrate just how county residents could some day too make their biggest dream a reality.