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Two men in their 90’s reunite to reflect on 1947 tractor purchase

Posted on Wednesday, March 8, 2017 at 11:28 am

Fowler Ennis, left, and Bill Doak stand in front of the 1947 McCormick Farmall M tractor Doak purchased from Ennis about 50 years ago. Doak still owned the second tractor Ennis ever sold on his property off Highway PP.

Two 90+ year old Vandalia residents reunited on Friday, February 17 to catch up on lost time and to reflect on a transaction between the two some 50 years earlier. Fowler Ennis, age 96, visited the farm owned by William Doak, age 92, to take a trip down memory lane.
Ennis sold his second ever tractor, a 1947 McCormick Farmall M, to Doak in that same year for just $800. Ennis sold his first tractor, which was an H, to Averil Beshears.
“I remember when he bought it,” Ennis said about Doak’s purchase.
The two men embraced one another on Doak’s farm and visited briefly before posing for photos in front of the tractor Doak purchased so many years ago.
Doak spent 65 years on his farm, though Wendell Talbert has farmed the land for him the past 25 years.
The 92-year-old enjoyed the trip down memory lane as he opened his home alongside his wife Jean after taking photos with the tractor.
The Class of 1943 Eagleville, Mo. graduate also shared stories of his experience in the military including going seven times through the Panama Canal. He also talked about his long career in farming and proudly showed off the many agricultural awards he earned through the years that hang on the walls inside his home.

Fowler Ennis, left, Wendell Talbert, center, and Bill Doak, right, together as Ennis and Doak enjoy visiting with one another.

Some of those awards included a Master Farmer honor in 1961, having a day named after his family in the 1987 Missouri State Fair, sitting on the University of Missouri Board of Curators from 1977-1983, sitting on the Governor’s Advisory Council, and more.
He was very influential for a few decades in the sheep industry and also earned countless grand champion honors in contests all over the country.