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Tri-County Saddle Club

Posted on Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 12:47 pm

The Tri-County Saddle Club hosted two horse shows during the month of June. The Youth Round Up was held on Saturday, June 14. Many participated making for a very successful day.
The monthly show was held on Saturday, June 21 at 2 p.m. There was a good turn out, but due to weather conditions, the show was cut short.
Class placings were as follows: Senior Halter
1 tie) Jessie Meyer; 2) Emma Meyer
Lead Line
1) tie- Haylee Foster and Jordan Forir
1) Jessi James; 2) Steve Kohl; 3) Nick James
Country Pleasure
1) Carl Smith
Senior Western Pleasure
1) Jessie Meyer; 2) Aundrea Burnett; 3) Emma Meyer; 4) Jessi James; 5) Danielle Crowder
Fox Trot
1) Carl Smith; 2) Steve Kohl
Junior Egg and Spoon
1) Bella Hopkins
Senior Egg and Spoon
1) Jessie James; 2) Penny Foster; 3) Kayleigh Kohl; 4) Danielle Crowder; 5) Aundrea Burnett
Ring Race
1) Jessie James; 2) Danielle Crowder; 3) Alan James; 4) Jessi James
Flag Race
1) Penny Foster; 2) Alan James; 3) Jubal Schultz; 4) Kayleigh Kohl; 5) Danielle Crowder
Handy Horse
1) Nathanael Schultz; 2) Steve Kohl; 3) Aundrea Burnett; 4) Jessi James; 5) Grace Nation
Pick Up Race
1) Alan and Nick James; 2) Jessi James and Caleb Pease; 3) Jessi James and Josh Pease; 4) Cindy and Steve Kohl; 5) Kayleigh Kohl and Josh Pease
Junior Barrels
1) Haylee Foster; 2) Grace Nation