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Tree limb disposal set up in Vandalia

Posted on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 12:38 pm

A contract has been amended with Dayne’s Waste Disposal to add tree limb disposal at the cost of $.75 per household to provide curbside pickup of limbs.
The City of Vandalia’s Board of Aldermen approved the measure during the monthly meeting held Tuesday, January 14.
The service will be provided March through November, one time per month.
Limb disposal will be done at curbside with limbs needing to be no longer than 6’ with a diameter not bigger than 4”. It must be bundled with a limit of 50 pounds.
The service is slated to begin in March and the limb disposal at the Street Department will close in February.
Utility Billing
According to the City of Vandalia meeting minutes, Finance Officer Sharon Myers told the group that a list was provided of the accounts to be written off, totaling $33,470.38. The write-offs are done on the recommendation of our auditors as a means of “housekeeping.”
The “writing off” of an account does not affect the ability or intent to collect on the account.

City staff attempts to collect these accounts before sending them to our collection agency, where they actively seek payment on the accounts.
This list represents one year of write-offs.
City Administrator Alan Winders talked with the Board of Aldermen about procedural changes to decrease utility billing write-offs.
He told the group that unpaid accounts are a burden on all other customers. It’s considered to be important that every effort is taken to collect unpaid bills and to create a system that minimizes the amount of unpaid accounts.
When the City provides utility service based on a deposit, it is effectively extending credit to customers since the service is provided before it is paid for.  This creates the opportunity for loss and this is one place that could be reviewed for changes.
Discussion was held concerning possible changes, including increasing deposits, etc.  The group agreed to have staff bring ideas for possible changes back for discussion.
Update Priorities
Two additions were made to the Vandalia Board of Aldermen’s list of priorities.
Those were the need to review regulations re: blowing leaves and grass onto right-of-way and establish right-of-way management ordinance.
Forgiving the Special Tax Assessment
Vandalia’s City Clerk Karen Shaw told the group that Allen Chandler of the Vandalia Housing Authority has asked that a mowing bill of $200 plus $27 recording fee be forgiven.
The Vandalia Housing Authority is a public tax supported entity which purchased property at 1109 South Maple St. and demolished a structure and cleaned up the property.
No motion was made for action on this item.
Dental Insurance
Winders told the group that late last week, staff was notified that the rates were going to need to be increased since the insurer had classified all the employees in one department in error. The total cost for the year of covering this miscalculation is just under $1,200.
The staff recommendation is for the City to absorb the cost of the increase and aldermen approved the measure.
A resolution was approved to be used and presented along with others passed by Missouri cities as suggested by the Missouri Public Utility Alliance as a measure to voice concern over several bills proposed which limit cities’ ability to regulate telecommunications providers in the city right-of-way and on poles.
Utility Easement
Aldermen voted to vacate a utility easement in the West View Subdivision. This is a formality as the easement is of no use.  The new property owner has requested this vacation of easement as a measure to clean up the title to the property now and in the future.  This easement is in the Niemann’s property (County Market).
Bill No. 14-1136 was duly passed and approved this 14th day of January, 2014, and the same shall hereafter be known as Ordinance No. 14-1136.
Easement at Vandalia Lake
Aldermen voted to grant a permanent easement to Ameren Missouri for the installation of electric lines on property owned by the city, situated immediately west of the bridge at the Vandalia Reservoir.
Pike County is reconstructing the bridge closest to the Vandalia Reservoir.  A result of this reconstruction is the relocation of electric lines by Ameren requiring a permanent easement on property owned by the City.
Ameren has agreed to move the line in the future if necessary for the City to execute an essential public purpose.