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Tooth Fairy visits Van-Far Elementary

Posted on Wednesday, March 27, 2013 at 9:54 am

The Tooth Fairy gives a high five to Devyn Keller.

Many kids like Devyn Keller have enjoyed the benefits the Tooth Fairy brings them when they sleep with a lost tooth under their pillow. But very few have ever seen her.
This changed for Keller and the students in her third grade class when the Tooth Fairy visited her classroom on Friday, March 22 at Van-Far Elementary School.
Keller had entered a story earlier in the winter as part of a Delta Dental contest during Children’s Oral Health Month in February. The winner of the contest was to have the Tooth Fairy visit his or her school by March 31. During the visit, the Tooth Fairy made Keller an apprentice and awarded her a tiara, wand, and a tooth pillow, while encouraging a good smile.
She then quizzed Keller’s classmates on important steps and tips in regards to taking care of their teeth. Students were also given smile bags. Keller’s parents are Todd and Dana Keller.