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Too many sports fans leave early when attending games

Posted on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at 10:28 am

12003963_10207515976720216_3681263593217517699_nThis past Saturday, my three boys and I made our annual trip to Faurot Field to watch the University of Missouri football team play in its home opener.
This is a special trip for us each year as football tickets to see the Tigers are not cheap when you normally are paying for four people. I say “normally” because I received these tickets for free.
Even though we didn’t have the cost of tickets, when you add in the purchase for four drinks costing me $19, a snack on the way, putting gas in the mini-van, and stopping to eat on the way home, the trip becomes pretty expensive.
This outing is a special one for the boys and I. We only do something like this once a year because these types of expensive outings are not usually worked in the budget (though we did see our first St. Louis Cardinals game for Isaiah’s birthday in July).
So when we are at the game and enduring the heat from the sun on the back of our necks, we have no problem waiting until the very last play of the game to leave, even though we knew Mizzou was going to win with their big lead.
What bugs me is just how many people leave sporting contests, like the one on Saturday, so early.
I’m thinking I know how much I spent to make this day special for my family.
Just how much money do these fans have that they could pay for their tickets, go to a game, get concessions, and just leave early in the third quarter like it’s no big deal?
I’ve seen this happen through the many years of attending live sporting events on the collegiate and professional levels.
Perhaps some day, our family’s budget will be in a position to attend more events like this in the future.
What I know won’t change is unless we have a family emergency, we will still be staying the whole game.