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Time to say “Thank You”

Posted on Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 12:39 pm

This past month has been an extremely busy time for “The Vandalia Leader” and its coverage area.
Between major news events, graduations, sports success for local programs, benefits, and special celebrations, our staff has worked tirelessly to provide you quality coverage of the multiple events.
I want to publicly thank Ben Marshall, Glee Hanson, and Crystal Beatty, my three staff members, for all that they do for our publication. I especially thank Ben for the many hours he’s spent covering the many events and capturing many memories through photos and videos.
As he covers these events, he posts his coverage on our Facebook page, “The Vandalia Leader.” This page now has more than 3,100 “Likes” giving it more “Likes” than any other newspaper in Audrain County.
With that traffic, it provides area businesses and opportunity to reach out to an online audience through paid advertorials.
Give me a call and we can work out a rate that’s best for you in reaching this ever growing audience.
Our Facebook page grew by 300 “Likes” in the month of May alone, which is amazing to us to see that kind of growth.
I’m still awaiting our final statistics for our website,, for the month of May.
In April, our website had more than one million page views. It also had 115,770 total visitors and 28,935 unique IP addresses.
In regards to the IP addresses, that’s 28,935 different devices (tablet, phone, or desktop computer) that visited our website in April.
These numbers may be nearly doubled for May.
This again provides advertisers another great opportunity to reach potential customers through devices folks are currently using.
I share these numbers with you because I fail to do a good enough job telling our readers about the multi-media capabilities of our publication. Our website and our Facebook page are becoming stronger than I could ever have imagined.
It provides a perfect marriage with our print product, providing us the ability to give coverage on events in countless ways. The print product gives you the ability to cut out articles and keep them forever. Our internet coverage gives us an opportunity to get you information quickly and gives you the ability to share this news with others.
Please forgive me if this editorial appears as if we are patting ourselves on the back. That is not my intention.
My goal is to do let our readers know the numbers I am seeing. You are part of this too and I appreciate each and every one of you.
Thank you for following our coverage, for subscribing to the paper, and purchasing extra copies at local businesses.
Thank you for telling your friends and family about our coverage, both in print and online.
Thank you for taking the time to share the news we’re working hard to distribute using a multi-media approach.
I also thank the many advertisers who are utilizing both the print and online platforms to reach their customer and potential customer base.
I think all of us get so busy at times doing what needs to be done and we don’t take the time to share our gratitude for so many things. I’ve written about that in a past editorial.
So this is me “practicing what I preach,” for a lack of a better phrase…
Thank you!
P.S. We are looking for advertisers who want to advertise at the front of each online video we post to Youtube. We are also seeking a main sponsor for “Breaking News” text alerts that we send out each week. Let me know if you are interested.