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Tietsort elected chair of Audrain County LEPC

Posted on Wednesday, July 25, 2018 at 11:04 am

New EMD Nicholas Tietsort addresses the LEPC last week.

New Audrain County Emergency Management Director Nicholas Tietsort led his first Local Emergency Planning Committee meeting last Thursday inside the Farnen Family Community Room of the Audrain County Courthouse.
He opened the meeting by introducing himself to the large crowd in attendance and noted there would be some growing pains with him taking over as EMD and working with the LEPC.
One quick bit of business was LEPC members quickly voting Tietsort as the new chairman of the LEPC.
Brooks Petit made the motion to elect Tietsort and the committed voted and passed the measure to make Tietsort the new LEPC Chairman.
Tietsort added that he wanted everyone to know that phone numbers haven’t changed and to please contact him if he can be of assistance to anyone.

New Business
It was noted that Tietsort and Kevin Cash did an LEPC Trailer Inventory this week and noted that some items were missing from the list and/or needed to be replaced. Audrain County Western District Commissioner Tracy Graham suggested that a sub-committee be formed to discuss what needs to be in the trailer. Kevin Cash and Bill Albus agreed to serve on the committee.
There was also a discussion as to whether the generators needed to be in the trailer or not. Tietsort is also waiting to hear back from two vendors to see about getting the generators load tested.
Requests for trainings/equipment from agencies was discussed. It was noted that there is funding available but thegroup is just waiting on requests.
Brian Poplin reminded the committee that in a previous meeting they approved to pay for members mileage and meal reimbursement to the training in Moberly. Tietsort said he would look into that.
Brian Haefner, of MoDOT, announced that the Highway 54 Railroad crossing in Laddonia will be closed for updates July 27–29th.
Brenda Gerlach, of SEMA Region F, announced that the SEMA Conference will be held August 21-24 and reminded everyone that expenses can be paid with CEPF funds.
Tietsort also announced that the LEPC is in need of a secretary. Sandra Hewlett nominated Sarah Palmer and Chris Newbrough seconded. The motion passed.
Earlier, in the meeting began with introductions and minutes of the last meeting were not read due to Tietsort just starting the job on Monday, July 16 and not being able to find them. The Treasurer’s Report was given with an ending balance of $10,329.17. Newbrough made the motion to accept the minutes and Hewlett seconded.
The Quarterly Hazard Incident Report was not given due to Tietsort not being able to review it. This is tabled until October.
MERC/SEMA Annex H–Tietsort was not sure that this had been reviewed by Scot Gibson. He will look into this and report back.
Table-Top Exercise 2019–A discussion was held regarding what type of exercise the committee would like to do. Some ideas were ice preparedness or TEVA. Tietstort suggested a planning subcommittee be formed. The item was then tabled until the October 2018 meeting.
Discuss Bylaw change–The club voted to change the bylaws regarding the amount the LEPC Chairperson could spend without membership approval.
An email was sent and voted on that the chairperson could spend up to $500 without approval. The new wording was never brought before the club.
Audrain County Sheriff Matt Oller suggested it say exactly how the email minutes stated. The committee agreed.
The next meeting will be held on October 18 in the Farnen Family Community Room at 11:30 a.m.