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Thermal blankets installed at YMCA Project site in Vandalia

Posted on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at 10:21 am

Thermal blankets installed at site of Vandalia’s YMCA.

Beginning construction of the Eastern Missouri Family YMCA in late October has always had a risk associated with winter weather. Timing of the pre-engineered metal building layout and review of the foundation design, allowed the concrete footings to be installed in late November. Construction then began on the plumbing and electrical fixtures required within the floor. Next, general preparation and reinforcement of the concrete floor was complete. Unfortunately, temperatures continued to decline and delayed pouring the concrete for the floor.
In an attempt to lessen the effects of the cold weather on the foundation, Grove Construction and the Vandalia Recreation Corporation have worked together to install thermal blankets over the almost 17,000 square foot facility foundation. Thermal blankets can protect the foundation from freezing or help thaw a frozen foundation faster.
Missouri weather is unpredictable, but no matter the outcome, the YMCA construction is prepared for winter weather conditions. Delivery of the pre-engineered metal building occurred on January 5 and the building material was unloaded on the project site. Everyone is anxiously awaiting a change in weather to continue construction.
The Vandalia Recreation Corporation and the YMCA Board would like to thank everyone for their continued support and generosity toward this project. Progress is being made toward the goal for the facility equipment and operating budget, but approximately $250,000 is still needed to open the facility for enjoyment.
Construction of the YMCA facility will be completed in 2018, but it takes a community of people to unite together to help finish this project. The YMCA will provide programs and events for all ages. In addition, the YMCA will create jobs and serve as an attraction to the area to recruit new residents and businesses.
Completion of the YMCA is an investment in our community. It is time to finish the work that was started and honor the vision of those who have shared the passion for this project.
Donations are tax deductible and can be made online thru the Mexico Area Family YMCA website,, or by completing a pledge form. Pledge forms are available at the YMCA display at County Market or on the project Facebook site. Search “YMCA Project Vandalia” to find the Facebook page.