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The late “Bud” Teague receives French Legion of Honor medal

Posted on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 at 12:47 pm

French Legion of Honor medal.

French Legion of Honor medal.

Recently, a veteran living near St. Louis was recognized for receiving a French Legion of Honor Medal for his role in liberating France in World War II.
When Theresa Teague learned of this, it brought back memories from just a year ago when her late husband, Edgar R. “Bud” Teague, Jr., had passed away just days before he would receive the same honor from the French Consulate.
A Legion of Honor medal and bar were sent to Teague’s home and received during the middle of August 2013 by his wife. A certificate was later received.
Before his passing, Cpl. Teague was one of just six members of the 396th Fighter Squadron that was still alive.
Teague’s career was included in a book entitle “Silent Voices from the Past,” which involved the stories from several other World War II veterans. The book was written by Kenton Baughman, the son of another member from the squadron, Loyd Baughman.
Teague started his military career in December 1943 as a corporal with a grade code of 8.
In the book, Teague said he shared a foxhole with an Edward Mazzeo on Strip A-3 in Normandy, Germany.
He joined three pilots on missions while there.
His name has been added to the World War II Memorial Registry.
He served two and one-half years in the Army Air Force in World War II with the European Theatre Campaign, where he received a ribbon with one Silver Star and one Bronze Star, Distinguished Unit Badge with one Oak Leaf and a Good Conduct Ribbon. “Bud” lived more than 60 years of his life in Vandalia and retired after 40 years with Harbison-Walker.