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Thankful for those who serve us locally

Posted on Wednesday, April 25, 2018 at 1:42 pm

With the help of local advertisers, “The Vandalia Leader” is paying a tribute to local law enforcement with our “Back the Blue” promotion in this week’s paper.
I’m thankful for the opportunity we have to take this time to publicly recognize local officers who represent departments throughout Audrain County for their service and all that they do on a daily basis to protect and to serve each and every one of us.
These men and women don’t make a lot of money and are willing to risk their lives on every call for the sake of keeping our county residents safe.
If you see an officer this week, be sure to take the time to thank them for all that they do.
This consideration can also be extended to firefighter personnel in Mexico and volunteer firefighters serving in the smaller county towns.
In talking about our volunteers, I’m thankful for the willingness of so many men and women who are willing to sacrifice their personal time to be there for us in a time of need.
Many of these volunteers are working for or own businesses in our county’s towns. When a call comes in, they choose to prioritize the call over what they are doing in the professional world in a moment’s notice.
All of us living in towns with volunteer firefighters have also been blessed with volunteers who are well trained and who have served for many years.
Those working as paramedics answering calls in Audrain County also deserve our gratitude.
They try to reach our destination as quick as they can while making life and death decisions when addressing each situation they encounter.
We could also add to this list our first responders and our 9-1-1 dispatchers to recognize them for all of their efforts serving us daily.

To all who represent one of the parties in this editorial, I want to say thank you for all that you do and for your willingness to serve.