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Thankful for prayers, rejoicing for God’s gift of Lydia Jo Schott

Posted on Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 1:10 pm

IMG_2750I just want to thank the many Vandalia Leader readers for their prayers, thoughts, and concerns for my family during the past two weeks.
My wife Kristy and I were blessed with the birth of Lydia Jo Schott on Sunday, June 23, just one day after Kristy’s birthday.
Lydia, or as I like to call her “daddy’s little girl,” was born at 28 weeks and one day as our expected due date was September 14.
Needless to say, her birth was a surprise. I appreciate my niece’s perspective on the birth of our 2 lb., 9.4 oz. baby. She said she was glad she didn’t have to wait so long for her to come.
My wife and I truly believe that God has been doing and is continuing to do an amazing work with this little girl’s body.
So far her PDA valve is closed and she’s already off a ventilator, oxygen supply, pic line, and out from underneath the jaundice light.
She’s eating really well as the nurses continue to challenge her body for more and more food and her young body is responding by doing its job.
My wife’s health had many complications and scary moments. Fortunately she is recovering well and getting closer and closer to 100%.
It is expected that Lydia will be in the hospital for some time to come. Our family would appreciate your prayers during this time.
I’m thankful for the many who have already humbled themselves to a great God to pray on our family’s behalf.
It’s very overwhelming and humbling.
I also want to thank my staff Crystal Beatty, Glee Hanson, my boss Walt Gilbert, and all of those he called on from our sister publications to publish two newspapers in my absence.
This included the week long coverage of this year’s Vandalia Area Fair. I want to thank Josh and Melissa Deimeke as well for their coverage of the 4th of July event in Laddonia.
The last thing a dad wants to worry about when both his newborn and wife are in the hospital is how he’s going to get his job done during this challenging time.
Walt told me not to think about the job for those two weeks and that helped my focus on being the dad and husband that I needed to be.
I’m simply in awe of God’s grace and my beautiful daughter. She has me wrapped around her finger.