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Thank you President Obama for reading my editorial

Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 8:59 am

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

Just one day after my editorial regarding Plan B and the FDA looking to possibly put it with other over-the-counter drugs,  President Barack Obama backed Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ plan to overrule the FDA on the issue.
He told reporters in a White House briefing room that “as the father of two daughters” the government should use “common sense” when deciding how drugs should be distributed.
He failed to remind the public that he was persuaded by my editorial that appeared in The Vandalia Leader just one day prior to his announcement. Of course, I’m joking but I must say I’m happy with the President’s decision.
New Website Launched
I’ve given our readers a hint that it was coming and now our new website is officially live for readers locally and all over the world to check out on the world wide web.
Our new website is clean, great for advertisers, and provides an opportunity for local readers to get breaking local and national news as it happens.
I also want to encourage readers to take advantage of two of our site’s most unique features.
Our new website offers a Community Calendar, which allows readers to let the community put up events for free. Readers can click on the Community Calendar link at the top of our website and fill out the fields to publicize their event. The event will display on the site after it’s been approved by me.
Readers are also encouraged to utilize our newly enhanced “Your News” site. Readers can put up their own stories on the web in the following categories: Citizen Journalism, Education, Lifestyles, News, Pet Stories, Sports, and Volunteering.
Once approved, these same stories will also appear in our newspaper. If any advertiser wants to take advantage of the available advertising sponsorships on our website, please call our Sales Representative Jonathan Nutt or myself to reserve it today.
Albert Pujols to the Angels
I’m not the biggest St. Louis Cardinals’ fan but even I feel the void left by future Hall of Fame baseball player Albert Pujols last week when he decided to sign a 10 year deal for more than $250 million with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.
I will miss turning on a Cardinals game and being excited to turn it on just in time for Pujols to come up to bat. Those days will be missed.
Since his signing, fans have expressed their hurt for the team not resigning the slugger. Most of their hard feelings have been directed more towards Pujols than the Cardinals.
Many fans are upset at someone they deem to be a legend in the game and a God fearing man for turning into “just another greedy player.”
I’ve been a fan of Pujols not only on the field, but also off the field.
One quick visit to his family foundation’s website gives you appreciation for a man who doesn’t mind sharing his faith with others.
I had hoped he took the new job to allow him to give more money to his foundation, his church, and other charities.
His big signing reminds me of when University of Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari left Memphis for the Big Blue. He was asked why he took the deal on national television the very next day and he didn’t hesitate with his answer. He said he and his wife had prayed about the new job which involved more money and accepted it quickly. Their reason was it would give them more money to give away to their church and their charity.
Calipari’s quick answer gave quick closure for Memphis fans.
One week after his announcement, Pujols’ lack of answers for leaving still have not brought a similar closure to the Cardinals fan. He said in a press conference over the weekend that he didn’t want to address the issue on a day that was to be a celebration for Angels ownership and fans.
He took out an ad in the St. Louis Dispatch that thanked fans but still did not talk about the specifics of his departure. Then the first any fans hear at all from the Pujols camp was when his wife did an interview with Joy FM on Monday.
Though an expensive contract like the one he signed will still point to greed for many fans, I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt if he had a quick response similar to Calipari’s. Now it’s been a full week and Pujols has yet to truly address the issue.
While his family had hoped their relationship with Cardinals fans would never change, his delay in responding to them has forced their opinions of him unfortunately, to go from positive to negative.
My hope is that he sincerely answers some questions this week or the bitter taste left in the mouth of the Cardinals fan will continue unfortunately for some time.