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Teenagers publish a book

Posted on Wednesday, July 4, 2012 at 8:53 am

Dylan Mouser, left, and Brittany Mason.

Like many of her classmates when she was in the 8th grade, Van-Far’s Brittany Mason just wanted to get a good grade when asked to write a creative story in her Communication Arts class.
The assignment allowed Mason, now age 16, to be creative in a fantasy world. Little did she know that before she completed the 10th grade, her short story would become a paperback book sold on through the help of eventual co-author Dylan Mouser (now age 15) and the inspiration of Sloan Gessman.
Mason said she started expanding on the story in her composition book.
“I was writing it for some time,” she added. “I couldn’t get it right until the 9th grade…If it wasn’t for (Sloan), I would not have been driven to finish the book. If it were not for Dylan, it would be so much shorter.”
The book is called “The Last Archadian” and has 26 chapters, 192 pages, and an epilogue.
Mason used the pen name of “Metellian LeMare” along with Mouser’s name for the book that was completed on April 17, 2012.
The nickname “Metellian” came from an experience when she first moved to the district in the 8th grade.
“Someone asked me what my middle name was and I said ‘I’m not telling,” she said. “The boy thought I said ‘Metellian.’
Mouser also provided the illustrations, proofreading, helped to add details of horror, and wrote the ending.
Mason had her book published through Amazon’s CreateSpace program.
“A lot of people are asking us how much is it and what’s it about,” Mouser said.
Books, both paperback and on kindle, can be purchased for $10 by visiting
“We’ve impressed quite a few teachers, especially Mr. (Gary) Fowler,” Mason said.
A second book is currently being written.
Fans can follow the series through the Facebook site at
More about the book
Both Mason and Mouser said the book is filled with live action, horror, sentimental moments, and more.
The book is centered around Victor, who is a mix of both a race similar to humans and the Archadian race. His biracial status is considered taboo in both cultures.
The Archadians make their living in the desert and have their land disturbed by the other race forcing their way onto the land through a mining company.
With a deadly disease unleashed, Victor joins the company to find a cure.
He eventually is discovered an tested only to find that he is possessed with a demon.
With the world’s survival hanging in the balance, Victor has to stop things before it’s too late.