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Team effort helps put out rural Laddonia fire

Posted on Wednesday, October 21, 2015 at 11:11 am

Smoke remains after a fire in rural Laddonia.

Smoke remains after a fire in rural Laddonia.

A fire that started with a combine caused some damage in the rural Laddonia/Farber area on Monday but fortunately no injuries were reported.
Firefighters from Laddonia, Farber, and Little Dixie arrived on the scene around 1:20 p.m. that included a field located just off Route K and about two miles west of Route AA.
The field is next to the home of “Tiny” Hoyt’s home and is farmed by Wayne Robinson. The  field includes a soybean crop.
Jerry Johnson, of the Laddonia Rural Fire Department, said the burn went south and was moving due to winds of up to 30 m.p.h.
The fire did cause some minor damage to some equipment.
Bobby Stone and Travis Dixon put out the fire with tractors and discs.
“Laddonia and Farber Fire Departments did a good job of stopping it from getting further into the yard and putting it out where it jumped the blacktop to the north,” Dixon said. “Bobby and I disced around the house and all the way around the fire to provide a fire break. Then they put it out the rest of the way.”