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Teague Thanksgiving

Posted on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 11:42 am

The Teague Thanksgiving dinner was held at the Farber Community Building on Thanksgiving Day. Those attending were Mr. and Mrs. Chad Wilkinson, Savannah, and Ellie; Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wilkinson, Parker, and Carter; Gary Shaw, of Columbia; David Wilkinson; Jerry Teague; Mr. and Mrs. Bill Teague; Mr. and Mrs. Tim Crow and Jackson, of Mexico; Mr. and Mrs. Rick Branstetter and Sunny; and Jean Branstetter, ​of Jefferson City; Mr. and Mrs. Alan Shaw; Bud Teague; Mr. and Mrs. Chris Straube, Isabel, and Annabel; Mr. and Mrs. Dan Trower; Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Hodde, and Josh; ​Lexie DeTienne, of Vandalia; Mr. and Mrs. Adam Trower, and Nora, of Curryville; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kirtlink, of Perry; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Teague, Jacob, and Jenna; Anna Vellacott; Patrick Babbits; Terry Crow, Will, and Grace; Mr. and Mrs. Brian Nebel, and Makayla; Mattie Bedwell; Lisa Mulherin; Fred Fehr, Seth, and Sophia; Tony Teague; Mr. and Mrs. Chris ​Teague, and Mattingly, of St. Louis; Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Teague, of Springfield; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Teague, of Village Loch Loyd; Danny Tipton, and Faye Teague, of Overland Park, Kan.; Angie Forgy, of Gardner, Kan.; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Teague, of Belleville, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. John Shaw, of Bowling Green; Heather Schutz, of Portland, Ore.; ​Samantha Waters and Noah of Bloomfield, Iowa; Mr. and Mrs. Andy Teague, Avery, Ainsley, and Abigail, of Woodridge, Va.; Tsgt. and Mrs. Austin Winegardner, Grayson, and Lillian, ​of Ft. Leonard Wood;  Mr. and Mrs. Heath Williams, Mallory, and Audrey; Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ebers, and Larissa; Mrs. Veta Trower; and Mr. and Mrs. Claudie Tipton, of Farber.