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Students working hard in Ms. Wheeler’s class

Posted on Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 1:15 pm


Community R-VI 5th grade students in Ms. Shanta Wheeler’s class during their Ice Cream Accelerated Reading Challenge.

Students read books and turned in book reports during Ms. Shanta Wheeler’s Ice Cream Accelerated Reading Challenge.However every book report is worth a different amount of points. Accelerated Reading is the program that gives each book report a value. Each student in my class set a goal of earning 10 AR points or more during the months of Oct-Dec.
Ten points in a quarter seemed to be an extreme goal, considering most students only earned five points while they were in fourth grade. With 15 students we hoped to earn 150 points. But to my surprise everyone earned 14 points or more. As a class they accumulated 310.1 AR points. Which made our class average 20 AR points per student.  One student earned 37.5 points.
“I am very proud of this class,” Wheeler said.
“We will continue to set goals for third quarter to top this amount.”