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Steve Shaw selected as city’s new EMD

Posted on Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 8:53 am

Steve Shaw addresses the City of Vandalia’s City Council during the meeting held last Tuesday.

The City of Vandalia officially appointed Steve Shaw as its Emergency Management Director during their monthly meeting last Tuesday.
There is no charge for Shaw’s services.
Shaw is currently the Audrain County Emergency Management Director.
His role for Vandalia will be to serve as a point of contact during and after disasters as well as to become a liaison between county, state, and federal agencies to respond.
He currently provides the same service to some area communities.
Through Shaw, awareness training can be conducted for local groups, schools, churches, and more.
A written county/municipal operation plan has been completed and approved by SEMA and FEMA, so the city won’t have to develop one. He can also help with reporting to those agencies.
During the Citizens to be Heard portion of the meeting, Audrain County Eastern District Commissioner Alan Winders noted how Shaw can provide important services to the city with his knowledge.
Shaw noted that state statutes indicate city’s must have emergency management contacts.
Shaw also made some brief remarks to the council.
He said he is on call 24/7 and has access to multiple teams that can respond to multiple locations in the county.
Shaw said if there was a large county event, he would need to appoint a liaison strictly for Vandalia that he could communicate with him.
Tony Laird was the previous EMD. There is no designated length of time for Shaw’s service.
Utility Bill Write-Offs
Aldermen authorized to have aged, delinquent utility bills written off of the accounts receivable balance.
The write-offs total $15,923.19. Write-offs are done at the recommendation of auditors. The “writing off” doesn’t affect the city’s ability to collect on the account nor does it affect the city’s intent to collect.
City Administrator Darren Berry said the total was less than last year.
City Engineer
Aldermen authorized an agreement for Professional On-Cal Engineering Services between the City of Vandalia and Shafer, Kline & Warren (SKW). It is a non-exclusive agreement with a one year term, one year extensions, and no monthly retainer.
No costs will be incurred except those specifically authorized for the accomplishment of a specific report.
City Administrator Berry said the group is not paid just to have them on staff.
Alderperson Debbie Hopke asked SKW Engineer Ryan Fuller on how the group decides if there is a project that the city may need to address.
Some projects can be handled in-house but in some situations, advice will be offered for a project that the group is unable to take care of.
Some area communities the group works with includes Hawk Point, Shelbina, and others.
City Attorney Amy Rost noted that fourth class cities are required to have a city engineer appointed whether they conduct work needed, advise, or make recommendations.
Alderman John Weiser asked for a clarification on whether it should say temporary city clerk instead of city clerk for signing the previous meeting’s minutes. The minutes were approved.
Accounts Payable was approved for the month of December.
Commissioner Winders also said the county is wrapping up their budget in a couple of weeks and are hoping to keep up with the economic development. He said the county is ready to help the city with any thing in regards to economic development as it is needed. The group then went into Executive Session after the regular meeting.