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St. Louis Cardinals’ GM Mozeliak caved into political correctness

Posted on Wednesday, July 31, 2013 at 1:30 pm

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

A recent story involving the St. Louis Cardinals and religious symbols on the pitching mound has went mostly unnoticed by some national media though it is of interest even for the most casual fans of the club.
On Friday, July 5, the grounds crew for the St. Louis Cardinals removed a cross and the No. 6 that had been scratched onto the back of the pitcher’s mound at Busch Stadium.
The symbols were reportedly put there in honor of the latte Hall of Fame slugger Stan Musial.
Unfortunately, the politically correct police were at it again when a longtime Cardinals fan made his voice known, especially in his thoughts that the No. 6 looked more like the “ichthys” or “Jesus Fish.”
Baseball fan Michael Vines told a St. Louis newspaper that he felt that ownership had a “responsibility and obligation to prohibit religious symbols of any kind from being placed in the field.”
Vines is a self-proclaimed atheist.
General Manager John Mozeliak said he was unaware of the symbols until he read a report on them in the St. Louis Dispatch.
He said he contacted the grounds crew and asked them not to do it anymore. He added that it wasn’t club policy to put “religious symbols on the playing field or throughout the ballpark.”
An atheist named Hemant Mehta, who is known for writing a column called Friendly Atheist, said this type of practice could get out of hand and that “it’s just better to put a stop to it now.”
Frankly, I’m just tired of the political correctness taking place in our country today.
The groundskeeper made a nice tribute for Musial, who was a deeply spiritual and devout Christian.
Ironically enough, the symbol was ordered to be removed just two days before the organization held their annual “Christian Day” at the stadium. The list of speakers included Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson, Lou Brock, Mike Singletary, Kurt Warner, Tony Dungy, and even current Cardinals Adam Wainwright and manager Mike Matheny.
It was proven that the symbols had been placed on the mound for a couple of weeks. For the Cardinals’ GM to say he only learned of the situation when he read the newspaper story, to me, was a joke.
He’s at the ballpark every night and is also on the field before games. He might also watch some things on the television while at the ballpark and would surely see things on his monitor.
I believe he knew about the tribute but only after being held accountable did he cave to the political correct pressure.
At some point, I wish many people in positions like Mozeliak would also consider using common sense in regards to these types of matters.
He should have noticed the No. 6 was not a “ichthys” and that the cross was just a symbol of Musial’s “in memorial.”
I understand the decision he made is what he felt was the right one and I would not be as frustrated if he had stopped the display on his own before letting so much time elapse.
Well, that and it’s hard to get past the whole “Christian Night” event as well as the city itself being named after King Louis IX. This king was perceived as an exemplary Christian prince with a religious zeal.
Update on Lydia
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Doctors said she passed the first eye test well and they will give her another test in a couple of weeks.
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