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St. Joseph Lady Crusaders finish with nine victories

Posted on Wednesday, January 7, 2015 at 2:04 pm

Kneeling: Deann Brooks and Delanie Windmann. Back row, from left: Anna Gangloff, Coach Amy Brooks, Kaitlyn Heim, Elisa Swaim, Megan Kuda, Katie Bertels, Lauryn Robnett, Coach Leslie Windmann, and Paige Risenhoover.

Kneeling: Deann Brooks and Delanie Windmann. Back row, from left: Anna Gangloff, Coach Amy Brooks, Kaitlyn Heim, Elisa Swaim, Megan Kuda, Katie Bertels, Lauryn Robnett, Coach Leslie Windmann, and Paige Risenhoover.

The St. Joseph girls’ basketball team finished their season with a 9-1 record.
They started their season off with a 36-25 loss to Middle Grove on October 20 but never looked back after that. It was St. Joseph’s first game of the season and Middle Grove’s fourth. At halftime the score was 19-10.
“I think the girls had the first game jitters to get out of the way and came out as a different team for the second half, moving the ball and guarding a couple of their girls more closely,” said coach Amy Brooks.
At the end of third quarter, St. Joseph narrowed the lead to 21-18. They were only down by three in the middle of the fourth quarter when one of St. Joseph’s players went out with an injury and unfortunately the team wasn’t able to pull out a win.
The next match-up was on November 6 against MSD. The St. Joseph girls came out ahead, 25-10.
On November 7 against St. Pius, it was a very challenging game.
At the half, the score was 13-9, but with :28 seconds left on the clock the game was tied. A technical was called on St. Pius for crossing the line when St. Joseph was inbounding the ball. Deann Brooks made both free throws to put St. Joseph up by two.
After inbounding the ball and passing it around, Katie Bertels went to the line and sealed the win with another free throw to end the game, 33-30.
“Our girls fought hard the whole game and never let up,” Brooks said. “They ran full court press the whole game and we were very proud of their efforts.”
Deann Brooks ended up with 13 points for the night; Delanie Windmann had 11 points; Megan Kuda, Paige Risenhoover, Anna Gangloff, and Elisa Swaim all had two points; and Katie Bertels one point.
“It was definitely a team effort,” Brooks added. “Each player had a part in the win, whether it was offensively or defensively.”
St. Brendan was the next opponent on November 10 and St. Joseph came out on top with a 38-17 win.
Each of the St. Joseph players scored this game. Delanie Windmann was the top scorer with 11 points; Katie Bertels and Megan Kuda had six points each; Deann Brooks and Kaitlyn Heim four points each; Elisa Swaim had three points; Paige Risenhoover and Lauryn Robnett each had two points; and Anna Gangloff had one point.
On November 13, they matched back up with Middle Grove. The girls had to full court press almost the whole game again and came out on top this time, 41-34.
November 17 was another match up against St. Brendan with a 25-16 win for St. Joseph.
November 24 was against MSD on their home court and St. Joseph came away with a 31-17 win.
St. Joseph traveled to Moberly on December 1-5 for the St. Pius Tournament, where they were undefeated.
Their first game was against St. Joseph Salisbury on December 1.  At halftime, the score was 13-5.
“Our girls were a little sluggish in the first half, but after our halftime talk they came out ready to play and got the job done,” Brooks said.
The final score was 35-11. Deann Brooks was the top scorer with 16 points. Katie Bertels was next with five points; Megan Kuda and Elisa Swaim had four points; while Delanie Windmann, Anna Gangloff, and Kaitlyn Heim scored two points.
On December 3, St. Joseph took on St. Pius on their home court. This time St. Joseph didn’t have to struggle as much the last :28 seconds. St. Joseph came away with a 43-25 win.
“The girls’ hard work and determination shined through this game. They worked together as a team running the press and putting pressure on them the whole game,” said coaches Amy Brooks and Leslie Windmann.
Deann Brooks was the top scorer with 17 points. Megan Kuda had eight points; Delanie Windmann added six points; Katie Bertels five points; Paige Risenhoover four points; Elisa Swaim two points; and Lauryn Robnett one point.
Our last game of the season finished on December 5 at the St. Pius Tournament against St. Brendan. St. Joseph once again came out on top with a score of 34-20.
“St. Brendan has a good team,” Brooks said. “We had to run a full court press on them to get ahead and try to seal the win.”
Delanie Windmann came out on top with 15 points for the night. Megan Kuda eight points, Deann Brooks scored four points, Katie Bertels had three points, while both Paige Risenhoover and Elisa Swaim two points.
“They were a great group of girls to work with and we are very proud of them,” said coaches Amy Brooks and Leslie Windmann.
“They played very well as a team, with each of them adding different skills and talents to the court. All of them scored at one time or another throughout the season. Even if they didn’t score each night, some were very good defensive players keeping the ball out of the opponents’ hands and others were good bringing the ball down the court and moving it around to find an open player. This is what you need to make up a good team and that’s why they were able to pull out the wins they did. They learned to work together and trust each other on and off the court.”