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St. Cecilia Music Club meets

Posted on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 10:07 am

The St. Cecilia Music Club met on November 26 at the home of Brenda Owens.

Those attending were Glee Hanson, Denise Allen, Ruth Calcaterra, Kris Cross, Deanna Divins, Deanna Frey, Brenda Gower, Barb Jarvis, Leanna Leake, Brenda Owens, Veanna Snodgrass, and Sue Beshears.

Veanna Snodgrass reported on the plans to attend the ”Sound of Music” in Mexico on December 6. Upcoming events for December were December 2 at the Christian Church for community services, December 3 at Veanna Snodgrass’ home for the annual carry-in Christmas dinner, and December 8 for the Presbyterian Brunch in Vandalia.

Those attending the December 3 meeting at Veanna Snodgrass’ home were Deanna Divins, Denise Allen, Ruth Calcaterra, Kris Cross, Barb Jarvis, Leanna Leake, Veanna Snodgrass, Shirley Forgy,  Deanna Frey, Brenda Gower, Brenda Owens, Sue Beshears, and Denna Nichols.

Everyone enjoyed the carry-in dinner followed by a short meeting.

Tickets were for the “Sound of Music” were passed out and plans made for transportation to Mexico.

The next meeting will be held at Ruth Calcaterra’s home at 7 p.m. with program provided by Denise Allen.

After both meetings music for upcoming events was practiced.