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SMBC Outreach Center’s trying to meet the needs of residents

Posted on Wednesday, July 16, 2014 at 12:20 pm

Joyce Curry, Santana Davis, and Janessa Griffith work up a sweat at the Second Missionary Baptist Church Outreach Center in Vandalia.

Joyce Curry, Santana Davis, and Janessa Griffith work up a sweat at the Second Missionary Baptist Church Outreach Center in Vandalia.

By Ben Marshall
The Vandalia Leader

Janyce Holt is the coordinator of the Second Missionary Baptist Church (SMBC) Outreach Ministry in Vandalia.
The ministry began two years ago with ladies exercising followed by a 2012 partnership with Randolph County and Moberly. The group then ventured out more and breast cancer awareness was the first health issue addressed for a year.
About three years ago, the church had relocated and the vision of a community outreach became a reality in the original building.
This year the SMBC is beginning the program “Every Heartbeat Is Life,” referring to issues of health and heart.
Heart disease is one of the leading causes of early death among women. The exercises then were also expanded to children’s health as well because in this new age so many kids are focused around the new technologies and do not actually get out and play as they once did years ago.
The Center’s meetings include an ever-growing youth group on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 6-8 p.m.
Usually an average of 18 attend. SMBC members go around and pick up those interested in participating.
The model included getting the youth involved so that the adults would follow.
The desire of the center is to get the whole family involved in seeking a more healthy lifestyle with exercise and proper diet.
The center has equipment among which is an elliptical, two tread mills, and two bicycles that can also be utilized.
On Tuesday nights, the ladies do a four mile walk from 6-8 p.m.
The younger ladies around ages 20-38 are doing Shaun T’s T-25 five days a week. They are usually there at 5 p.m.
In development is an effort to organize a men’s exercise also.  There are also weights that can be used.
Besides exercise, the former church building can also be utilized for birthday parties, family gatherings, and other events.
The desire is for the outreach to be more of a community project and not just Second Missionary Baptist.
Families today are tending to grow away from each other. The ultimate goal is to get the entire family and community exercising together.
Once a month there is a meeting with curriculum received from Randolph County that actually comes out of Kansas City.
This program is taught by SMBC’s Licensed RN Wanda Connors.
It is a nine month program that addresses many heart issues such as diabetes and heart disease and a number of other things. There is a blood pressure clinic that they also hold twice a month.
Through the blood pressure clinic there has been at least six people that have been further sent on to doctors because their actual blood pressure was so high.
On Thursday nights at 6 p.m., the center hosts the “Golden Groovies.” An older group of ages 50 and over that come together for fellowship and also have a meal. Usually it is a little different each time; however, usually the group plays cards and visits.
All age groups are welcome.  During many times many age groups are represented together from the very young on up.
For more information, contact the church at 573-594-2146, call Janyce Holt at 573-594-3260, or contact Janyce Holt at Precision Eyecare