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Six candidates battling for two Laddonia positions

Posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2016 at 10:18 am

election-buttonThere are two alderman positions up for election on Tuesday, April 5 in the City of Laddonia with six different candidates hoping to win.
The following is a brief profile of each candidate and a vision statement. The candidates are listed in alphabetical order.
Carl Donaldson
Carl Donaldson is originally from the St. Louis area but has lived in Laddonia for several years.
He said he enjoys the “peacefulness and warmth of the community.”
Donaldson has a fiance´named Ashley and two sons with one attending Kindergarten at Community R-VI.
Donaldson is a member of the Laddonia Athletic Association.
He currently works for Charter Communications in Columbia, Mo., operating a logistics facility supplying cable equipment and materials to technical operation centers.
Vision: “I am an analytical thinker with a strong ability to solve problems. I bring to the table a clean slate and offer a fresh view for the citizens of Laddonia. I am a community minded individual willing to stand up for the beliefs of my constituency. I will fight to insure the hard earned tax dollars of the community are allocated towards the resources the citizens truly deem important. I will work closely with residents, businesses and civic leaders to promote an open and transparent city government and develop innovative solutions to addressing long standing problems.”
Jack Folta
Jack Folta has lived in Laddonia since 1939 when his dad moved the family farm there when he was about 13 years old.
Folta said he remembers the days of serving widow women in town by carrying coal for their coal-heated stoves.
Folta was married to his wife Virginia just 51 days shy of 60 years, before she passed.
He has two sons, John (little Jack) and Mike.
Folta has served on the board for more than 30 years and has served under about 15 mayors during his time in office.
“I enjoy (being on the board,)” he said. “And it takes somebody that’s got the time to actually pursue this because there’s a lot of thoughts and things you’ve got to go through to make sure you possibly can do something.”
Vision: “I would proceed just like I’ve done in the past years…Just trying to get it going. When you take the oath of office, you tell them you possess the qualities to be in office…But the last bunch signing on, a couple didn’t have the knowledge to be what I would call a good, successful alderman…”
Gary Garnett
Gary Garnett was born and raised in Laddonia, the son of Butler and Wanda Garnett.
He’s retired from the Moberly Fire Department as a firefighter after 25 years. He served eight years with the Safety Council and became a certified State Instructor.
He has worked for 20 years with Charter Communications.
“Recently my wife Becky and I moved back to my roots, my hometown Laddonia,” he said. “It is my passion to carry on my contributions for and through the citizens of Laddonia. I am no stranger to Involvement, YOU ARE THE TOWN and I would like the opportunity to work closely with each of you by (1) listening to your needs and ideas, (2) take action and follow through to completion (3) make honest decisions that enhance the City of Laddonia so that WE can continue to grow our future as a community.”
• To see that the repair and repaving of streets project is completed
• As a citizen, we have submitted information to the council to apply for City Grants to tear down dilapidated homes that will clean up the property.
I want to see that carried out to completion.
• Assisting in seeking economic development in the area.
• Generate more Community involvement in Council Meetings, Community Betterment Association, Ball Park Association, and Park improvements.
• Work to create a Neighborhood Safety and Awareness program.
• Assist in finding a candidate that will complete and maintain a City Website.
• Review with council revenue items and budget Items to see where we can cut un-necessary expenses and waste.
• As a council, we need to speed up the process from implementing projects to completing projects. It takes to long to see progress and citizens become discouraged.
Francis Hunn
Francis Hunn has been a resident for eight years.
He’s been married to his wife Judy since 1973 and they have two sons (Scott and James) and one daughter (Charlene), eight grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.
Since moving to Laddonia, he’s bought five vacant homes and renovated them and rented them to good citizens. He’s a member of the Laddonia St. John’s Catholic Church and also a past board member. He was elected to the first Laddonia Rural Fire District Board and he said he’ll be able to focus even more on the council once that term is up.
Vision: His focus is on streets and the need to get something done. “I believe with my past experience with construction and overseeing water repairs and new construction in Wright City plus a firm belief in a betterment of our city, I am the best candidate for alderman. Thanks to everybody for their support.”
Matthew Jensen
Matthew Jensen is a lifelong resident of Laddonia. His father Glenn moved the family to Laddonia in the 80’s and they have a small farm. His dad owns a garage and the family is active with the Laddonia Fire Department. His brothers are A.J., David, and Nick. Matthew is a 2009 graduate of Community R-VI. He currently works for the University of Missouri as an electronic technician, taking care of classroom technology.
Vision: “It’s time for a change. It’s time for some people who have an active business in town to be more involved than we are currently.”
Ono Monachino
Ono Monachino has been a resident of Laddonia, Mo. since 2006. He previously served on the City Council for seven years. He has also served on the Laddonia Rural Fire District and the Laddonia Rural Fire Association. He has served as Budget Coordinator for the Fire District. He’s been married to his wife Nancy for 59 years and the couple has five grown children. He completed his B.S. degree from Northwest Missouri State University, an M.S. degree from Truman State University, and a specialist degree from the university.
Vision: “I’ve been asked by several people to run…We have several projects still on the books over several years. I think I can give some insight into that and get those things taken care of.”