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Shoveling gets old but hopefully moisture doesn’t

Posted on Wednesday, March 6, 2013 at 9:49 am

After the large amounts of recent snow we’ve had hit the Vandalia area, I was just waiting for an area church to put on its marquee “If you’re praying for snow, please stop.”
In less than two weeks, the Vandalia area has been hit by nearly 20 inches of snow.
While shoveling the same path way several times was no fun and neither was the restructuring of all kinds of schedules, I was happy at the same time for our area farmers.
As our reporter John McLaughlin wrote about in his front page story this week, the snow fall and just how much it will help fight the drought is yet to be determined.
Fortunately for our farmers, that debate can be at least a part of current conversations and not only held in their dreams.
With just how bad the drought was last year, this large amount of snow, in my opinion, can only be a good thing.
No snow would have been much worse. Our farmers need whatever moisture this storm gives them so let’s pray this is a good start for 2013.
Meanwhile, several farmers and area street and MoDOT crews worked tirelessly to clear our roads at least three times in two weeks of storms.
I’m sure by the third big removal of snow that these folks were getting a little tired of doing the same thing.
But for what I could tell, whatever complaints they might have had didn’t show when it comes to the timeliness of removal.
Many also took the time to help out residents with cars parked on the side of the road as they drove by with their vehicles/tractors.
Please be sure to thank any of those responsible for the work they did in the aftermath of recent snow storms.
Between their efforts and the efforts of many volunteers looking to help out their neighbors, snow forecasts might be a pain in some ways, but overall they bring out the best in our community.
Neighbors are looking for ways to help out their neighbors and that act of kindness is something to cherish and acknowledge.
Harlem Shake/Gangnam Style
One of the biggest trends this year are groups of people all over the United States performing what is known as the “Harlem Shake.”
Typically, it begins with one masked or hidden person dancing while other people are going about their daily routine. Then all of a sudden, a large audience instantly is dancing to a :30 second song produced by “Baauer.”
Last year, the biggest internet sensation was “Gangnam Style,” produced by South Korean musician PSY.
The video is the most viewed ever on YouTube and many have since recorded themselves doing the signature dance moves from the video.
While it appears fun to many who participate in it, I personally don’t see what the big deal is about both of these worldwide trends. To me, they’re both overrated.
Of course, this comes from the guy whose popular dance when he was in school was the annoying “Macarena.” Yes, I sadly still remember how to do it though you can’t pay me enough to show you.Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.