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Shooting sports winners

Posted on Wednesday, September 6, 2017 at 10:25 am

Pictured above are the Ralls County Junior Fair Shooting Sports participants and the Best Science Award, 13 & under. First row: Alexis Baxter, Clara Wallace (Science Award), Grace Smith, and Cole Baxter. Second row: Hannah Mallory, Devyn Keller, Kaleb Ingram, Hannah Smith, and Austin Britt. Third row: Austin Black, Bailey Klise, Stetson Klise, and Kyla Ingram.

The Ralls County Jr. Fair Shoot was held on Saturday, July 15 at Ka-Tonka.
The following is a list of class winners and trophy donors in the Archery Division: Senior Archery Compound Fingers, Skyler Lempka, Spare Tire Bowl; Junior Archery Compound Release, Kaleb Ingram, Aaron’s Auto Care; Intermediate Archery Compound Release, Teddy Lempka, The Edge Salon; Senior Archery Compound Release, Dustin Black, Tom Ruhl, Ralls County Assessor; and Junior Archery Traditional, Easton Sharp, Sydenstricker Implement.
In the .22 Rifle Division the winners were Junior .22 Rifle Standard, Austin Britt, LaCrosse Lumber; Senior .22 Rifle Standard, Hannah Smith, The Vandalia Leader; Intermediate .22 Rifle Target, Devyn Keller, Eisele Farm, Greg & Aimee Eisele; Junior .22 Rifle Silhouette, Austin Britt, Ingram Shooting Goods; Intermediate .22 Rifle Silhouette, Hannah Mallory, Ralls County Historical Society; Senior .22 Rifle Silhouette, Kyla Ingram, Vandalia Florist; Junior Air Rifle, Grace Smith, Gilmore Automotive; and Intermediate Air Rifle, Hannah Mallory, Wright Furniture.
Shotgun Division winners were Intermediate Shotgun, Teddy Lempka, Employees of Harbison Walker International; and Senior Shotgun, Jacob McMillen, Smith Automotive.
The category winners were as follows:
JR Traditional Recurve/Longbow-Easton Sharp, blue
SR Compound Fingers-Skyler Lempka, blue
JR Compound Release-Kaleb Ingram, blue
INT Compound Release-Theodore Lempka, blue; Alexis Baxter, red
SR Compound Release-Kyla Ingram, blue; Austin Black, blue
JR Standard (Open Sights)-Austin Britt, blue; Grace Smith, red, Cole Baxter, white
SR Standard (Open Sights)-Hannah Smith, blue
INT Target (Aperture Sights)-Devyn Keller, blue; Hannah Mallory, red
JR Silhouette-Austin Britt, blue; Kaleb Ingram, red; Cole Baxter, Grace Smith, and Easton Sharp, white
INT Silhouette-Hannah Miller, blue; Devyn Keller, red
SR Silhouette-Kyle Ingram, blue
INT Trap-Theodore Lempka, blue
Senior Trap-Cody Rubemeyer, Jacob McMillen, and Cody James, blue; Stetson Kline, Lincoln Talbott, Evan Torrence, Kyla Ingram, Austin Black, Will Hopke, and Skyler Lempka, red; Bailey Klise, white
JR Air Rifle Target-Grace Smith, blue
INT Air Rifle Target-Hannah Miller, blue
SR Air Rifle Target-Hannah Smith, blue