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Shattered windows a reflection of unfortunate past

Posted on Wednesday, April 18, 2012 at 8:48 am

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

A recent drive to the city dump with my two boys to drop off some grass after cutting my lawn turned into an unique educational experience.
A couple of weeks ago, I drove our car to Olive St. before turning right to pick up Lincoln St. to take a longer way before dropping off my clippings as we were enjoying the nice breeze flowing through our vehicle.
As I was driving past Lincoln School on my left, I couldn’t help but notice that someone had thrown some sort of object through two of the Lincoln School windows. These windows were new to the building in recent years.
While I instantly was frustrated for the Lincoln School advocates who have been holding chicken dinners to raise a limited amount of funds every month, it gave me an opportunity to tell my boys about the past.
My oldest son asked about the school and I was able to give him a short history lesson on the racial divide of many years ago.
This is a difficult thing for his generation and my generation to comprehend.
While there are still signs of prejudice in today’s society, it is nowhere near the levels of the past.
Unfortunately, when something like vandalism hits what use to be an African-American school, though the culprits might be disrespectful kids, one can’t help but to be reminded of the past racial injustice.
The Citizens to Restore Lincoln School decided to not file a police report on either window being broken within a two to three month period.
Instead they have focused their attention on paying off the remaining $27,000 owed on the building. These Vandalia area residents have a vision for the property they hope to see become a reality before it is not preserved and is forgotten by the younger generation in the African-American community and younger generation of all races.
If you are interested in helping to preserve the school, contact Jessie Salmon at 573-594-2774.Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.