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Sharing thoughts on a variety of topics

Posted on Wednesday, January 6, 2016 at 9:55 am

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

When I normally write my editorials, I attempt to focus on just one topic.
With this week’s piece, I’m purposely going to cover an array of topics as I have many things on my mind with the start of a new year.
Congratulations Gary!
I want to take this time to congratulate Gary Sosniecki on his retirement after more than 47 years in the newspaper business.
The former Vandalia Leader owner, along with his wife Helen, are relocating to Lebanon, Missouri, where the two edited and published the Lebanon Daily Record.
The countless hours I’ve put into this industry already during the past 14 years only adds to the appreciation and respect I have for Gary and his wife for their years of service.
I still have 33 years to catch up to Gary.
That’s a humbling thought…
The Sosnieckis have done a lot for this industry and should be commended for their service.
On a personal note, I’m still thankful for their willingness to stick around when they sold The Vandalia Leader to Lakeway Publishers to help an issue get out the door while I was at the hospital for the birth of our second child.
Thanks again Gary and Helen for your service and enjoy retirement.
Thankful for the holidays
With a couple of three-day weekends back-to-back, I personally enjoyed the amount of time I had to spend with my family the past two weeks.
While we were unable to travel to the East Coast, we did get to spend some quality time with family in the area and that should never be taken for granted.
We never know when it might be the final time for us to see a grandparent or a family member we see only one time per year so it’s important to get together when we can.
I pray that many readers were able to experience the same joy I had in visiting with family during the holiday season.
Sad Update
In 2014, I discovered information about a former Farber, Missouri man who was charged with murder in Oregon.
The story then went off my radar until I thought about it this week.
Apparently in May 2015, Lucius Wilson, a former Van-Far student, was sentenced to life in prison, with the possibility of parole in 35 years, for the murder of Angela Stephenson along with other burglaries, rape, and other crimes he committed in the Spring of 2014.
This is a sad situation for all of the families involved, both the victims’, Wilson’s family, along with Lucius Wilson.
I don’t wish this type of thing on anyone and I know I’ll be praying for all of those involved tonight before I go to bed.
NFL Playoffs
The NFL Playoffs are officially set and all of the so-called “experts” are making their predictions. While I’m already second-guessing myself, I have predicted what I think might happen. I’ll publish it and will let the results determine if I’m either smart or an idiot.
Wild Card: Steelers beat Bengals, Texans beat Chiefs, Seahawks beat Vikings, Redskins beat Packers
Division Round: Broncos beat Pittsburgh, Patriots beat Texans, Panthers beat Seahawks, Cardinals beat Redskins
Title Games: Broncos beat Patriots, Panthers beat Cardinals
Superbowl: Panthers beat Broncos and Payton Manning retires regardless of the result.