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Several winners at Audrain Co. 4-H Fair

Posted on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 8:39 am

Audrain County 4-H Fair Queen Cassidy Hunt and Princess Mariah Barr.

Audrain County 4-H Fair Queen Cassidy Hunt and Princess Mariah Barr.

Several awards were given to participants in the recent Audrain County 4-H Fair held in Mexico, Mo.
The following winners include:
Showmanship (8-10)- Lauren Lafferty; (11-13)- Hunter Houghton; (14-18)- Haley Barnes; Most Points in Rabbits-Erin Nichols
Beef Junior Showman-Olivia Cooley; Beef Intermediate Showman- Tyler Reinard; Beef Senior Showman- Jesse Bastain; Beef Junior Stockmanship- Norfleet Family; Beef Senior Stockmanship- Quinlan Family; Supreme Champion Female- Jesse Bastain; Reserve Supreme Champion Female- Lance Hudson; Supreme Champion Bull- Cheyenne Hunt; Reserve Supreme Champion Bull-Brayden Shelton; Grand Champion Market Steer- Madeline Neil; Reserve Grand Champion Steer- Larrisa Larrick; Club/Chapter Stockmanship Award- B&G Hustlers 4-H Club; Most Points in Beef- Brittney McBride
Sheep Junior Showmanship- Shelby Lewis; Sheep Senior Showmanship- Abilene Gaston; Sheep Herdsmanship- Dallas and Shelby Lewis; Supreme Champion Ram- Kasey Gatson; Supreme Champion Ewe- Mitch Schmidt; Supreme Champion Flock- Andi Belt; Most Points in Sheep-Mitch Schmidt
Champion Smoked Ham- Zane Stone; Reserve Champion Smoked Ham- Rachel Hightshoe; Champion Unsmoked Ham- Rachel Hightshoe; Reserve Champion Unsmoked Ham- Lance Hudson
Goat Beginner Showmanship-Olivia Cooley; Goat Junior Showmanship- Cody Van Horn; Goat Senior Showmanship- Austin McBride; Goat Junior Herdsmanship- Lynsie Curtis; Goat Senior Herdsmanship- Brooke Ransom; Champion Meat Goat-Selestia Angell; Reserve Champion Meat Goat- Selestia Angell; Champion Breeding Meat Goat Doe- Cody Van Horn; Reserve Champion Breeding Meat Great Doe- Brett Sappington; Champion Breeding Meat Goat Buck- Cari Green; Reserve Champion Breeding Meat Goat Buck- Brett Sappington; Champion Dairy Goat- Gillian Smith; Reserve Champion Dairy Goat- Abigail Meffert; Most Points in Goats- Cody Van Horn
Swine Junior Showmanship- Pacey Cope; Swine Intermediate Showmanship- Grant Stafford; Swine Senior Showmanship- Emily Montgomery; Swine Primary Stockmanship- Annamarie Stone; Swine Junior Stockmanship- Ally Troesser; Swine Senior Stockmanship- Chania Hoffman; Champion Breeding Gilt- Pacey Cope; Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt- Marlena Long; Champion Market Hog- Curtis Humphries; Reserve Champion Market Hog- Pacey Cope; Most Points in Hogs- Pacey Cope
Obedience (8-10)- Gillian Smith; Obedience (11-13)- Ella Smith; Obedience (14 and Over)- Hunter Mesko; Costume Junior Division- Claire Hudson; Costume Senior Division- Aleigha Dollens; Games (8-10)- Cora Ransom; Games (11-13)- Christina Gronefield; Games (14 and Over)- Hunter Mesko; Dog Showmanship (8-10)-Cora Ransom; Dog Showmanship (11-13)- Ella Smith; Dog Showmanship (14 and over)- Hunter Mesko
Best of Show Pullet- Riley Dycus; Best of Show Hen- Riley Dycus; Best of Show Pair of Laying Hens- Laura Morris; Best of Show Cockerel- Riley Dycus; Best of Show Cock- Riley Dycus; Best of Show Old Pen- Riley Dycus; Best of Show Pen of 3- Lentner Pioneers; Best of Show Waterfowl- Chania Hoffman

The 4-H and FFA Horse Show was postponed due to rain.

Baby Show

0-6 months girls winners- 1) Lakyn Tyler Bass, daughter of Ceirra Schmidt and Cole Bass; 2) Hayden Colley, daughter of Ryan and Layla Colley; 3) Kinley Whitworth, daughter of D.J. and Tanna Whitworth.

0-6 months boys winners- 1) Liam Andreucci, son of Nate and Emily Andreucci; 2) Isaac Andreucci, son of Nate and Emily Andreucci; 3) Colton Wilburn, son of Dawn Wilburn and Scott Wilburn.

7-12 months girls winners- 1) Oaklee Niemeier, daughter of Channing Niemeier; 2) Paityn Metheny, daughter of Brandi and Justin Metheny; 3) Jentry Pease-Davis, daughter of Randee Pease and JC Davis.

7-12 months boys winners- 1) Bentley Davis, son of Ivy Davis and Adam Peters; 2) Eli Hodges, son of Ashley and Tim Hodges; 3) Chase Stuart, son of Leah Stuart.

13-18 months girls winners- 1) Rayleigh Pierce, daughter of Jenna and Jared Pierce; 2) Alayna Richardson, daughter of Dylan and Tawney Richardson; 3) Huntress Cole, son of Darryl Cole.

13-18 months boys winners- 1) Carson Newsom, son of Karley and Clayton Long; 2) Cade Goodman, son of Dave and Amy Goodman; 3) Brylan McClain, son of Dylan and Brianna McClain.

19-24 months girls winners- Aerys Suddarth, son of Amanda Wilkerson and Lou Suddarth.

25-36 months girls winners- Matilyn Burts, son of David and Tiffany Burts; Gracie Luckett, daughter of Matt Luckett and Barbie Metheny; Autumn Wilkes, daughter of Kaitlyn Daughery.

25-36 months boys winners- 1) Carter Stuart, son of Leah Stuart; 2) Jase Polston, James and Kassy Polston; 3) Reese Boswell, son of Kyle and Amber Boswell.

Grand Champion Girl- Matilyn Burts, daughter of Tiffany and David Burts; Grand Champion Boy- Liam Andreucci, son of Nate and Emily Andreucci

Little Mr./Little Miss

The Audrain County 4-H Fair held its annual Little Mr. and Little Miss Contest during this year’s event on Sunday, July 19 in Mexico, Mo. Little Miss- Greta Huenefeldt, daughter of Amanda Huenefeldt; Little Mr.- Trevor Cole, son of Darryl Cole.