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Several maintenance projects reported at Van-Far R-I meeting

Posted on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 1:30 pm

The Van-Far R-I School Board and administration during last week’s board meeting.

The Van-Far R-I School Board and administration during last week’s board meeting.

Van-Far Superintendent Dr. Stephen Hunter gave a detailed report on Summer maintenance projects in the district at the school board meeting held last Thursday night.
Dr. Hunter reported the following, this according to board minutes:
• Awnings at the elementary and high school locker room ceilings have been painted.
• Storage area beside the Vo-Ag Department has been cleared and graveled.
• The high school gym floor has been refinished.
• The press box foundation has been poured; framing will begin soon.
• Electrical work has been completed in the elementary basement.
• Work has begun on the new computer lab at the elementary. The lab will house 40 computers. The technology department is doing routine maintenance on all computers in both buildings.
• A new smartboard has been installed in the elementary cafeteria.
• The district website is under construction and will be completed by the first day of school.
• Flashers are to be installed along Highway 54 soon. This is in conjunction with MoDot.
During the meeting, Dr. Hunter introduced Lisa Newland as the new district bookkeeper. He also reported that Danielle Aulbur has been hired by OPAA! for the food service director position.

Tax Rate Hearing
Dr. Hunter reported he has not received information from the state auditor at this time. It should be received by July 29. The tax levy for 2014-15 must be submitted by September 1, 2014.
The board decided to leave the tax levy public hearing and the regular meeting on August 21. If the need arises to schedule another meeting for amending the tax levy, it will be determined at a later date.

Budget/Legislative Update
Dr. Hunter reported that in addition to the impact of SB509, other measures passed that could possibly reduce state and local revenues by another $283 million for the Department of Education alone. The current local budget revenues have been estimated using a 96% proration factor.  Therefore, revenues could come in slightly lower than projected.  Expenditures should be fine.
Dr. Hunter also reported the federal allocations of $158,209 to Title I and $29,915 to Title IIA.
“We’re down in both Title I and Title II,” Dr. Hunter added. He said Title I allocation went from $175,000 to $158,000. Title IIA went from $30,000 to $29,000.
Dr. Hunter noted that the state is likely to cut education spending by more than $280 million.
“Luckily we’ve kind of held our budgets tight,” Dr. Hunter added.
It was reported that the Annual District Attendance for 2013-2014 was 564.1288, and 587.8348 with summer school included. He also told the board that the district reached the goal of 90% of the students in attendance 90% of the time. This is an MSIP5 requirement. The district’s percentage was 91%.
Principal’s Reports
New Van-Far Elementary Principal Brian Hummel told the board he had completed his NEE training, the new teacher evaluation process for the upcoming school year.
Principal Hummel has been organizing and painting his office, and meeting with new teachers. He also mentioned the elementary students will sing the Star Spangled Banner at the St. Louis Cardinal game in St. Louis on July 18.
Van-Far Jr./Sr. High School Principal Cindy Pirch asked the board to notice the improvements to the cafeteria windows. The window frames have been painted and cork will be applied to the glass to allow for displaying art work.
Mrs. Pirch said ACTE had notified her that the Van-Far District had received a 100% and will be honored at the annual conference in Springfield.
She also invited board members to come out and be photographed for a district I.D. badge on August 25.  A Community Work Day is scheduled for Saturday, August 9 at 8 a.m.
Van-Far A+ Coordinator Joy Davis asked board members to have parents call her if there are questions about the A+ program.  She gave a brief summary of the program guidelines and rules.

Members and Dr. Hunter are registered for the MSBA Fall Conference.
An Elementary/Jr. High Pool Party is scheduled for Tuesday, August 12 from 7–9 p.m.
A second reading of procedure KG-AP was held through the meeting. The measure will likely be approved in August.
The MSBA Policy 2014B update was approved after a third reading.
Board President Christy Nelson, in the reports of members, reminded the board to be careful when responding to e-mails from the superintendent and other board members.  A “reply all” response could constitute a board meeting.
Executive Session
In Executive Session, the board hired Roger Bachtold as  an assistant baseball coach and hired Alex Cucciarre as a Jr. High softball coach.