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Several area candidates file to run in April 7 election

Posted on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 at 8:38 am

election-buttonArea residents officially declared their candidacy for area elections by the Tuesday, January 20 deadline.
These candidates will be hoping for the support of area voters in the upcoming April 7 election.
City of Vandalia
There are three Wards up for election in the City of Vandalia. All three positions feature two year terms.
Current incumbents include Larry Shaw (Ward I), Dempsey Dixon (Ward II), and Ron Stallcup (Ward III).
Those who have filed for the election are Doug Bontz and Robert Dunn in Ward I; Dempsey Dixon in Ward II; while Hazel Hardy and Gabriel Jennings each filed in Ward III.
City of Farber
There are two aldermen seats and the office of mayor up for election in the City of Farber.
The current incumbents are aldermen Ronnie Greenplate, Gary Stubblefield, and Mayor John Hodde.
All three seats have two year terms.
Candidates filing the proper paperwork by the deadline were incumbents Greenplate and Stubblefield.
Mayor Hodde and Ken Scott each declared their candidacy for the mayoral position.
Village of Rush Hill
There are two trustees up for election in the Village of Rush Hill during the April 2015 election.
Current incumbents include Helen LaRue and Kathy Taylor as both are serving two year terms.
Both candidates have filed.
Rush Hill residents will also be asked on their election ballots to Vote “Yes” or “No” on the following ballot initiative: ““Shall the Village of Rush Hill, Missouri be authorized to forgo annual elections if the number of candidates who have filed for a particular office is equal to the number of positions in the office to be filled by the election.”
City of Martinsburg
The City of Martinsburg has two Wards and one mayoral position up for election next April. All three are two year terms.
Incumbents include Ed Lewallen (Ward I), Bill Dubbert (Ward II), and Pat Arens (Mayor).
No one has filed in Ward I as the position will be filled by appointment for one year.
Dubbert declared his candidacy in Ward II and Arens declared his candidacy for mayor.
City of Laddonia
In the City of Laddonia, there are two aldermen seats and the position for mayor up for election.
Incumbents include Josh Deimeke (Mayor) along with aldermen Ono Monachino and Monte Hanson.
Both Deimeke and Monachino filed to run for mayor. Eric Craft has filed to run for an alderman position. No other confirmations were provided by press time.
City of Middletown
There is a mayoral seat and two aldermen positions up for election in the City of Middletown. All three positions have two year terms.
Current incumbents are Wayne Chandler (Mayor) along with aldermen Roy Butts and Robert Woodson.
Chrissy Maycock has filed to run for one of the alderperson positions. No other filings were made by the deadline.
Tri-County Care Center
The Tri-County Care Center has two district seats up for election next April with three year terms.
Incumbents include Dodee Mottaz (District 4) and Connie Hesse (District 5).
Both incumbents filed as of press time.
Van-Far Ambulance District
There are two, three-year terms up for election on the Van-Far Ambulance District Board.
Incumbents include Barb Straube (District 3) and Rennie Davis (District 6).
No candidates were confirmed as of press time.
Van-Far R-I
There are two board of directors positions up for election next April. Both seats feature three year terms.
Incumbents are Dr. Greg Frost and Pete Nasir and both field. This means there will be no April election for the district.
Community R-VI
There are three school board seats up for election in the Community R-VI School District.
Incumbents are Terry Davenport, Scott Sims, and Joyce Gastler.
Davenport and Sims declared their candidacies. Amy Brooks also declared her candidacy, so there will be no election for the district in April.