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Set to attend church on Christmas morning

Posted on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at 12:33 pm

EDITORIAL---ron-mug-colorgsAll Vandalia area residents are faced with an interesting choice when it comes to Christmas morning this year next Sunday.
Do they stay home Sunday morning to unwrap presents or do they go to church?
For avid church goers, the choice should be an easy one.
Though we can get into the debate on what time of year Jesus was actually born, Christmas is still a recognized holiday in which Christians remember the birth of their Savior.
So going to church to celebrate His birthday to me, who is an avid church-goer, is a no-brainer.
I join fellowship with other believers 51 other Sundays out of the year to give praise to an almighty God and to learn from His Word. Why wouldn’t I want to go out of all Sundays, the same day set aside on the calendar to celebrate His birth?
Amazingly, some church congregations urge their pastors to close the doors Sunday morning on Christmas to help them in making their decision.
I get canceling the evening service, but I don’t understand why any church would cancel a morning service on Christmas morning.
For those who don’t go to church but one or two times a year with Christmas week usually being one of those days, they too are faced with a tough decision.
I do believe Christmas Sunday morning attendance will be down as many annual or bi-annual church-goers will likely choose not to attend church this Sunday.
Christmas falling on a Sunday seems frequent as we just had such an occurrence in 2011. The next time it happens though is in 2022 and then there is an 11-year gap until  it takes place again in 2033.
Regardless of your decision this Sunday, I do pray you have a special day, whether it starts with you attending a church service or if you choose to stay home and unwrap your presents in the morning with family.
Be sure to be thankful this Christmas. Don’t be upset about the things you didn’t get. I challenge you to be more thankful and appreciative of the things you already have.
Some people are not blessed with a home, a car, living parents, children, and so much more.
All of us take for granted that we woke up, we can breathe, we have food in our cabinets, we have running water, heat, and the list is endless.
If all of us take the time to be still for a second in this insanely busy life, we can truly find so many things we should be thankful for and consider ourselves to be blessed for God’s provisions in our life.
Merry Christmas!