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Posted on Wednesday, May 7, 2014 at 12:51 pm

The LaFemme Arts Club has announced plans to once again take applications for their scholarship which has been given each year since 1983.
Ann Barnes received the club’s first scholarship. Other past recipients have been Kevin Langston, 1984; Val Fowler, 1985; Chris Breneman, 1986; Lisa Arndt, 1987; Krista Flowers, 1988; Mike Hill, 1989; Alicia Lynn, 1990; Angie Landers, 1991; Eric Myers, 1992; Amy Barnes, 1993; Tyler Galloway, 1994; Janelle Epperson, 1995; Shera Talbert, 1996; Kimber Trower, 1997; Sarah Barnes, 1998; Aaron Franklin, 1999; Jolleen Embree, 2000; Jessica Basinger, 2001; Brian Hummel, 2002; Kimberly Trainer, 2003; Caleb Hopke, 2004; Eric Hopke, 2005; Clayton Thompson, 2006; Dedrie Hayden, 2007; Allison Hopke, 2008; Kayla Breneman, 2009; Ryan Hesse, 2010; Cheyenne Gatson, 2011; Summer Lamberson, 2012; and Emily Snodgrass, 2013.
Since the scholarship began in 1983 every student who has received the scholarship has completed college.
Applications are now available for the 2014-15 school year which is in the amount of $500. The award will be made to a Van-Far graduate who will be enrolling as a sophomore, junior, or senior at a college, university, junior college, or a trade school. The scholarship is for one year only. It will be payable in two installments, at the beginning of each semester, to the recipient. If, for any reason, the money is not used, it must be returned to the scholarship fund.
A committee will review and consider all applications and interviews may be requested before the final decision is made. Applications may be obtained from Virginia Thompson and must be returned to her by June 30 for consideration. They should be mailed or returned to Mrs. Thompson, 609 North 7th Street, Vandalia.