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Satellite office a success in Vandalia

Posted on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 at 1:29 pm

Kate Becker

Kate Becker

When Audrain County Collector Kate Becker made plans to set up a satellite office in Vandalia to collect tax payments, little did she know just how successful the move would be with area residents.
In the seven days of collecting personal property and real estate tax payments, the satellite office at the Vandalia Library took in $484,872.75.
Total receipts for personal property reached $153,557.63, with real estate totals hitting $331,190.12.
The fifth day of the office took in the most money with $30,094.34 in personal property payments and $74,850.29 in real estate property payments.
Becker said her initial goal for the seven days was $150,000.
“I was really humbled by (the success),” she said.
“…It was a good, heartwarming feeling all the way around. It made me feel they wanted it back there and we will be this year.”
The final report showed that 57% of all money coming from Vandalia taxpayers were accepted at the satellite office.
A total of 37% made payments from rural Vandalia, 5% came from Farber, and 0.60% came from Laddonia.
A total of 22% of the City of Vandalia’s revenue from tax payments were accepted at the library.
She said some taxpayers held payments they usually made in November so they could support the satellite location by paying in Vandalia.
Becker noted there were lines to make payments, which is something she didn’t anticipate due to this being a new venture.
“Obviously we have things we can improve on,” she added.
“And we’ll know more about that once we get surveys sent out and get those back. And we’ve heard positive and negative feedback. We like to hear the bad stuff just as we like the good stuff because it shows what we can improve on.”
Becker added that she was happy to set up the satellite office in 2013.
The move came in advance of a new software system being implemented in 2014 for Audrain County.