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Royalty receives crowns at Van-Far Courtwarming

Posted on Wednesday, February 7, 2018 at 7:17 am

King Lathyn McMorris and Queen Maddie Dunn were Van-Far Courtwarming royalty as they received their crowns last Friday night.

Van-Far crowned royalty and named contest winners during its Courtwarming held last week at the district.
King Lathyn McMorris and Queen Maddie Dunn were crowned during the festivities last Friday night when the basketball teams took on Mark Twain.
The remaining senior queen candidates were Mackenzie Kurz, Reaghan Case, Makayla Vigil, and Ashley Stanich, King candidates included Josh Hodde, Brayden Christian, Kyle Ebers, Koby Uhey, and Colten Jensen.
As for those in other classes, they include Rebecca Calvin and Jeremy Northcutt, freshmen; Alyse Jensen and Verdell Johnson, sophomores; along with Avery Rost and Treyson Culwell, juniors.
Many contests were held during the week. Winners include:
Hallway Decorations-1) Juniors; 2) Seniors; 3) Sophomores; 4) Freshmen
Banners-1-tied) Juniors and Sophomores; 2) Freshmen; 3) Seniors
Mini-Olympics-1) Seniors; 2-tied) Juniors and Sophomores; 3) Freshmen
Dress-Up Days-1) Seniors; 2) Juniors; 3) Sophomores; 4) Freshmen
Overall winner for the week: Juniors
Spirit Queen was Mackenzie Kurz and Spirit King was Jayson Orr.