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Road Safety Audit held for 54/19

Posted on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 11:41 am

In April 2016, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDot) enlisted the help of two dozen area residents, elected officials, and drivers to help identify safety issues along the U.S. 54 corridor and specifically at the intersections of Scotts Corner at U.S. 54/MO 19/Route BB and Bassinger Corner at U.S. 54/MO 19 and Route J. “This is called a road safety audit, and is used as a method to bring more eyes to an area where we are experiencing crashes,” said MoDOT Area Engineer Brian Haeffner. “The group was very engaged and helpful, and we were able to identify some inexpensive ways to improve safety,” Haeffner noted.
These improvements will be implemented over time, beginning August 1 with the closure of the Bassinger Corner commuter lot. “This lot is underutilized, and vehicles parked in the lot can block the ability for drivers on U.S. 54 to see vehicles coming from the north,” Haeffner said.  One sign at Bassinger Corner has already been moved, because the previous sign was hit.
“These improvements include changing the striping at the intersections to change the lane configurations, adding rumblestrips ahead of the stop signs, and relocating some signs,” Haeffner said. He also said maintenance crews will seal the roads in those areas to give them a more consistent appearance and help the stripes to stand out. “These improvements can be implemented with our existing resources,” he added. He also stressed that safe driving habits are important to help keep everyone safe on the road.
“We also have identified some other potential improvements, but with Missouri’s long-term insufficient transportation funding challenge, we aren’t able to implement these more expensive improvements at this time,” Haeffner said. “We have included preliminary engineering for additional improvements in our 2017-2021 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, and can begin to study those other potential future improvements as we look for ways to fund them.” For questions about the roadside audit and upcoming improvements, please contact Haeffner at 660-349-0892.