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Rick Eugene performs in Laddonia

Posted on Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 1:16 pm

scanThe Laddonia Library Summer Reading Program presented a magic show on July 27 at the Laddonia Library. Ten children and five adults attended. The amazing Rick Eugene was the magician who performed a variety of magic tricks. During the show, several children and adults from the audience participated. Rick Eugene told the group that the library had books to teach the reader how to do simple magic tricks.

Reading students tour Mexico Airport

The Laddonia Library Summer Reading Program toured the Mexico Airport on Thursday, July 28.  The group saw three experimental airplanes take off from the airport. During the course of the tour, there was a crop duster plane that landed and refilled with anti-fungal chemicals. The crop duster took off and serviced Laddonia area crops. Jay Jacobi conducted the airport tour and showed the group a 1985 Hughes 500 helicopter that had its windshield damaged by hitting a buzzard while the pilot was working on power lines. After the hit, the pilot was able to slower fly the helicopter back to the airport for repairs. Jacobi said the helicopter could fly as fast as 125 miles per hour. A mechanic from Texas was coming to fix the windshield’s broken glass.
The group visited another hangar, where they got to sit in a 1960 Twin Bonanza airplane, owned by Jim Curtis, of Laddonia. The children climbed up the fold-down steps, sat in the plane’s seats and were amazed at the cockpit’s instrument panel.