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Passionate meeting held in the City of Vandalia

Posted on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 10:01 am

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

General Manager/Editor Ron Schott

Emotions, tension, concerns, and passion were all felt by those who attended a Special Meeting held this past Monday for the City of Vandalia.
I’m not going to go through all of the specifics of what took place in the meeting with my editorial as I detailed the events in a long article printed in this week’s issue.
I will say this…Though the same agenda items could have been added to the regularly scheduled meeting set for next week, it was probably good that this meeting did happen.
Both sides, on an array of issues, had a platform to share their concerns, whether those concerns were with the majority in the room or the minority.
Does this justify the need for having two meetings per month in the future? That will be decided likely at the board’s meeting next week.
For as quick as some of the recent board meetings have been, I say there needs to be just one meeting.
At the end of the day, I believe all of the people in the Lange Building want what’s best for the city and its residents.
The communication will be key on how to get Vandalia where all folks want it to be.
Those on both sides of an issue need to learn how to get their points across while not attacking the other person.
It will be important for folks to not use generalized statements.
When these statements are used, it’s easy for the recipient of the statement to get defensive as they are wanting to defend their case.
If this is going to happen, all City of Vandalia officials and council members are going to have to work together. Not just a few, but I mean all officials.
I think a Biblical concept of  treating others as you want to be treated is a good method.
While my hand hurt dictating the back-and-forth dialogues of the evening, the meeting I really wanted to be a part of was the Executive Session.
At this time, the council discussed the search for a City Administrator and Chief of Police.
Both of these positions have been open in the City of Vandalia for about nine months.
Meanwhile, as every monthly meeting has went by, only Alderman John Weiser has made a motion for a hiring of a position two times only to have his motion die.
Very little news has been made public to Vandalia residents on these two positions needing to be filled.
So the Special Meeting did give those in attendance a chance to talk about the city administrator position and both pros and cons were heard on hiring a new person for the role.
In the past, city officials have expressed a want to hire that position before filling the Chief of Police role. I get that…
My hope is for City of Vandalia aldermen to work at filling both of these positions in the near future, if indeed the Third Class municipality structure is what they want to stick with. It might provide an opportunity for everyone to get on the same page in supporting the folks hired to fill these positions.