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Results from the 38th Annual Vandalia Area Fair contests

Posted on Wednesday, July 2, 2014 at 1:25 pm

FAIR---CARNIVAL-DSC_0145Baby Show Results

Winners in the 0-6 month boys category: first, Ian Hull, son of Aarron and Tori Hull of Vandalia; second, Kaiden Oligschlaeger, son of Michael and Julia Oligschlaeger of Middletown.
Winners in the 0-6 month girls category: first, Alayna Richardson, daughter of Tawney Brewer and Dylan Richardson of Centralia; second, Kaydince Drummond, daughter of Kayla Drummond of Kingdom City; third, Adalynn Zeiger, daughter of Terry Zeiger and Kasi Bealmear of Vandalia.
Winners in the 7-12 month girls category: first, Emma Grace Evans, daughter of Brian and Sarah Evans of Vandalia; second, tie, Presley and Paisley Wheeler, daughters of Curt and Brandi Wheeler of Paris; third, Khloe Steele, daughter of Bill and Jessica Steele of Mexico.
Winners in the 7-12 month boys category: first, Jeremiah Jacobs, son of Brittany Buckholz and Johnathan Jacobs of Vandalia; second, Hunter Butler, son of Will Butler and Jolene Scherder of Frankford; third, Konner Bowen, son of Amber Green and Jason Bowen of Laddonia.
Winners in the 13-18 month boys category: first, Levi Smith, son of Ian and Katie Smith of Vandalia; second, Memphis Flowers, son of Megan Trower and Justin Flowers of Vandalia.
Winners in the 13-18 month girls category:  first, Kinley Kuda, daughter of Derek and Amy Kuda of Vandalia; second, Presli Woodrow, daughter of Marty and Kasi Woodrow of Fairbanks, Alaska; third, Lillian Martin, daughter of Robert and Julie Martin of Vandalia.
Winners in the 19-24 month boys category:  first, Austin McCurdy, son of Charles and Jill McCurdy of Wellsville.
Winners in the 19-24 month girls category: first, Gabri Hinson, daughter of Ronnell and Lindsay Hinson of Vandalia; second, Kashcha Overton, daughter of Kindro and Cresside Overton of Vandalia.Winners in the 25-36 month boys category: first, Landon Wilson, son of Jeff and Stacia Wilson of Vandalia; second, Cooper Sharp, son of Darby and Kristina Sharp of Farber; third, Weston Kohl, son of Chris and Kim Kohl of Vandalia.
Winners in the 25-36 month girls category: first, Hallie Brown, daughter of Doug and Sarah Brown of Farber; second, Lilly Riechmann, daughter of Jason and Lacy Riechmann of Paris; third, Gracie Pease, daughter of Alacia Wallace and Jared Pease of Paris.
Grand champion boy and girl are Landon Wilson, son of Jeff and Stacia Wilson of Vandalia and Kinley Kuda, daughter of Derek and Amy Kuda of Vandalia.
Decorated Bikes/Tricycles
1) Murphy Galloway and Tyler Galloway
Pie Baking Contest
Youth ages 6-17—1) None
Adults 18 and over—1) Carolyn Rice, zuchinni pie; 2) Christa Carter, peanut butter flower garden pie
Cake Decorating Contest
Youth ages 6-12—1) Abigail Hunn; 2) Madison Parker
Youth ages 13-17—1) Claire Motley
Adult Non-Professional-1) Christa Carter
Adult Advanced-1) Paige Dameron
Super Farmer
1) Andrea Burnett and John Orf; 2) Chevi Windland and Klayton Haddock
1) Brian Kurz; 2-tie) Austyn Windland and Jack McCurdy

Photo Contest
Ages 8-17 Pet Photos-1) Hailey Hopke, Turtle
(No other category entries)
18 and over Open Class-1) Paul Evans, plant and item suspended in air; 2) Paul Evans, purple flower; 3-tie) Christa Carter, hummingbird; 3-tie) Kim Eastin-fishing
18 and over Kids and Family-1) Paul Evans, child profile; 2) Kim Eastin, Cake Face; 3) Christa Carter, Ashley’s Splits
18 and over Pet-1) Kim Eastin, cat with paw in air; 2) Kim Eastin, dog peek-a-boo; 3-tie) Kim Eastin, cat frame; 3-tie) Christa Carter, dog in snow
18 and over Outdoors-1) Paul Evans, eagle with fish in tree; 2) Paul Evans, taking off; 3-tie) Paul Evans, staring eagle; 3-tie) Paul Evans, foxes

125/250 A- 1) Austin Curry; 2) Dayton Otto
125/250 B- 1) James Emerson; 2) Tate Schmidt; 3) Matt Henry
125/250 C- 1) Glen Wiley
125/250 D- 1) Blake Rodgers; 2) Jacob Bross; 3) Tyler Parrish; 4) Johnny Clayton; 5) Jordan Fulton
250/450 A- 1) Austin Curry; 2) Nathan Wiese
50 adv- 1) Kale Niemeyer
50 ATV Beginner- 1) Jarod Anderson Jr.
65 beg- 1) Robby Hoffman
85 beg- 1) Evan Halterman
90 ATV Beginner- 1) Oakley Welch; 2) Ryan Miller
90 cc ATV Advanced- 1) Tylor Marshall
ATV A- 1) Jeff Robbins; 2) Bryce Sparks; 3) Jordan Robbins
ATV B- 1) Jacob Major; 2) Jacob Welder; 3) Don Hewlett
ATV C- 1) Matthew Woodruff; 2) Mike Potter; 3) Cody Torrence; 4) Zach Wulde
Pit Bike Pro- 1) Nathan Wiese; 2) Cody Dempsey

GTPOMMA – Garden Tractor/Mini Rod Pull
900 Stock Class
1) Ayden Sharp, Perry, on Sharp Shooter; 2) Justin Jaspering from Perry MO on New Generation; 3) Conner Light from St Charles MO on O’Nelly
Outlaw Class
1) Aaron Sloan, Jefferson City, on Insufficient Funds; 2) Lawrence Davenport, Perry, on In My Undies; 3) Lorin Heffner, Frankford, on Mack Attack
1250 Open Mini-Rod Class
1) Bruce Bryson, Centralia, on Dr. Feel Good; 2) Bruce Bryson  Centralia, on Gary Tidball’s Oh Well Tractor; 3) John Graves,  Chula, on Johns Other Bad Habit
Hot Stock Class
1) Jordan Shaw, Louisiana, on Spare Parts; 2) Conner Light, St. Charles, on Digger; 3) Kirk Cunningham, Perry, on Full Throttle
Super Stock 16 Class
1) Aaron Sloan, Jefferson City, on Lil’ Bit Of Heaven; 2) Brad Block, Jefferson City, on Pocket Change; 3) Eddie Friedli, Centralia, on Special Ed Edition
1350 Open Mini-Rod Class
1) John Graves, Chula, on John’s Other Bad Habit; 2) Bruce Bryson, from Centralia, on Gary Tidballs Oh Well Tractor; 3) Steve Roberts, Centralia, on Gary Tidball’s Habit Hunter tractor
Modified Class
First and only Tractor-Ken Painter, Marthasville, on Second Chance
1500 Open Mini-rod Class
1) John Graves, Chula, on John’s Other Bad Habit; 2) Steve Roberts from ,Centralia, on Gary Tidball’s Habit Hunter Tractor; 3) Bruce Bryson, Centralia, on Dr Feel Good

Pet Show
Tallest Dog-1) Cooper, owned by Christy Shelton; 2) Tucker, owned by Kim Eastin; 3) Daisy, owned by Kim Eastin
Shortest Dog-1) Daisy; 2) Tucker; 3) Cooper
Best Groomed Dog-1) Tucker; 2) Daisy; 3) Cooper
Trick Dog-1) Cooper; 2) Tucker; 3) Daisy
Best Dressed Pet-1) Daisy; 2) Tucker; 3) Cooper
Best of Show-1) Tucker; 2) Cooper; 3) Daisy

Cattle Show
Cattle Show
Bucket Calf Class-Participants were Rebecca Moore, Clara Wallace, Khloe Wallace, Peyson Larrick, Ty Evans, and Dalton Dameron
Champion-Elizabeth Lemmon; Reserve-Brittney McBride
Champion-Julie Schultz; Reserve-Anna Huntsman
Maine Anjou
Champion-Riley Johnson; Reserve-Larissa Larrick
All Other Breeds
Champion-Brittney McBride; Reserve-Peyton Sambo
Champion-Parker Wallace; Reserve-Donni Reading
Class 1-MaKinley Brooks
Class 2-Renee Nelson
Class 3-Elizabeth Lemmon
Class 4-MaKinley Brooks
Champion Steer-MaKinley Brooks (Class 4); Reserve-Renee Nelson (Class 2)
Showmanship-David Lemmon and Julie Schultz

MCRC Rodeo
Local Sheep Rider Winner-Ada Ferrell
Bareback Winner-Travis Loyd, Paris, Mo.
Bulls-There were no qualified rides out of 31 bullriders.
Barrel Racing
PeeWee Barrels (10 years and younger)-Charleigh Ferrell
Youth Barrels (under 16 years old)-Kayla Wilson
Open Barrels-Kayelee Harrower

Mud Pig Catch
6-8 year old boys-1) Blake Foster and Jackson Green; 2) Cash Eckert
9-12 year old boys-1) August Foster and Blake Foster; 2) Lake Reid and Makenna See
6-8 year old girls-1) Rhilee Horton and Utrianna Shuck
9-12 year old girls-1) McCailyn Drainer and Tessa Fox-Davis; 2) MaKenna See and Abby Burghar; 3) Autumn Arndt and Jaiden Scheiner
13-15 year old girls-1) Jayda Borgmeyer and Alexis DeTienne; 2) Paige Dameron and Jordan Garner; 3) Jayda Borgmeyer and Jordan Garner
16 and over girls-1) Hailey Hopke and Madison Orr; 2) Hilary Gordy and Jessi James; 3) Haven Atkinson and Brooke Johnson

Little Mr./Little Miss
Little Mr.- Winners1) Landon Pease, of Perry; 2) Kasen Kelch, of Perry; and 3) Tyler Carlyle, of Vandalia
Little Miss Winners-1) MaKenna Lynn Hull, of Vandalia; 2) Ella Totten, of Perry; and 3) Alysa Caldwell, of Curryville

Egg Drop Contest
Ages 6-9—1) Austin Selsor; 2) Abby Carlyle
Ages 14-17—1) Samuel Hazel
Ages 18 and over—1) Anna Hazel

Lawnmower Derby
1) Jared Luebrecht; 2) Keith Luebrecht; 3) Russell Byrd
Crowd Favorite for the Vandalia Area Fair Event-Frank Raddatz

Tricycle Races
Under 3 years old-1) Leyley Brown; 2) Rayne Dickerman
3 years old-1) Angelne Colbert
4 years old-1) Marshall Woodall; 2) Ady Brown
(No 5 year olds)

Kids’ Pedal Tractor Pull
0-50 lbs.-1) Vivi Chiarottino; 2) Nevaeh Ingram; 3) Garrett (no last name provided)
51-75 lbs.-1) Kayden Caldwell; 2) Grace Nation; 3) Madelyn Caldwell
(No 76-100 lbs.)

Results for the MFPA Missouri Farm Pullers was not made available at press time.