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Rep. Houghton, Becker among big winners, President Obama re-elected

Posted on Wednesday, November 14, 2012 at 4:07 am

Kate Becker

President Barack Obama (D) won his bid for a second term after defeating GOP challenger Mitt Romney (R) in the general election held Tuesday, November 6.
After winning Florida when votes were certified two days later, President Obama won the electoral college 332-206.
He also won the popular vote 62,303,495-58,930,322.
Gov. Romney won Missouri with 53.9% of the vote. He also won Audrain County 6,186-3,538, Pike County 4,576-2,581, and Ralls County 3,231-1,736.
With Sen. Claire McCaskill and Gov. Jay Nixon barely squeaking by as the only two Democrats Audrain County voters approved in all of the 2012 competitive races, Republicans secured the other local seats up for grabs.

The new 43rd
Rep. Jay Houghton (R) commanded the Audrain-County vote for the new District 43 with Kate Becker (R) assuming control over the Audrain County collector spot.
Rep. Houghton won 6,049-3,486 in Audrain County and 2,653-1,472 in Callaway County.
Clinching a second term, District 10 incumbent Rep. Houghton (R) beat out opponent Ed Lockwood (D) 8,702-4,958 for command of the Missouri State House of Representative’s new 43rd District.
“It’s a lot of hard work — door knocking, parades, talking to people, getting your name out there, and getting people to recognize your name,” Houghton said. “I received phenomenal support and appreciate what everyone has done for me.”
The 10th District moved to north of Kansas City after appellate judge reorganization.
The new 43rd District covers all of Audrain County and northern Callaway County, losing the old 10th District’s Pike, Lincoln, and Montgomery County counterparts.
Rep. Houghton said about 30 percent of the 10th District stayed in the 43rd District.
He said he will continue work keeping government small, watching taxes, and cutting “government red tape and stop emerging rules and regulations.”
“I would like to say thanks and I’m looking forward to working with the people in the coming years,” Houghton said. “Basically, I’m the stepping stone between the general public and the different departments of the state of Missouri. If the people are having trouble, hopefully I can assist them through the process.”
Rep. Houghton serves as vice chairman of the Special Standing Committee on Disability Services, as well as the committees of Health Care Policy, Agribusiness, General Laws, Tourism and Natural Resources, and the Interim Commission of Agriculture Innovation and Economic Recovery.
Born in Kansas City, he graduated from Highland High School in 1984 and continued his education at the University of Missouri – Columbia. Rep. Houghton currently resides in Martinsburg.
“I enjoy what I’m doing,” Houghton said. “I enjoy serving the people and look forward to doing that for the next two years.”

Becker for Collector
Becker (R) displaced opponent Heather Clubb-Wagner (D) 5,458-4,173 for the Audrain County collector spot.
“My campaign for county collector was an amazing experience,” Becker said. “I met so many new and wonderful people throughout the county that gifted me with their friendship and support.”
She takes office in March for the first time of her political career.
“My first-year goal is simply to learn the role you’ve elected me into so that I may serve you with friendly efficiency,” she said. “Once I’ve figured out the ropes I’ll be able to make educated decisions on how to best modify the office so that it optimally serves the Citizens of Audrain. Through this learning process I hope you will all be free with your feedback on what I can do to better serve your needs. I am humbled to have been elected by my neighbors and I will never forget that I serve at your consent. Thank you.”

Missouri results
In the race for U.S. senator, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) easily defeated Rep. Todd Akin by 400,000 votes. Rep. Akin won in Ralls County 2,596-2,248 but lost Pike County 3,447-3,381 and Audrain County 4,640-4.420.
Gov. Jay Nixon (D) was reelected after defeating Dave Spence (R) by just 4%. Democrat Jason Kander (D) beat Shane Schoeller (R) by just 33,000 votes in the Secretary of State race.
Incumbent Clint Zweifel (D) held off Cole McNary (R) to win the treasurer’s race and Chris Koster (D) defeated Ed Martin (R) in the attorney general race by 15%.
Peter Kinder (R) won the lieutenant governor’s race 1,316,655-1,211,352 over Susan Montee (D).

More district races
For U.S. representative of District 4, Vicky Hartzler (R) defeated Teresa Hensley (D) with 60.3% of the vote and in the District 6 race, Sam Graves (R) won with 65% of the vote.
Jim Hansen (D) squeaked by Rep. Paul Quinn (D) in the District 40 race 7,998-7,416.

Ballot initiatives
For the statewide ballot initiatives, Constitutional Amendment 3 was voted down with 76% voting “No.” Proposition A passed with 63.9% voting “Yes.” Proposition B barely failed after the “No” votes won 1,357,437-1,314-856. Proposition E passed with 61.8% of the vote.
Audrain County voted “No” 6,291-2,798 on Constitutional Amendment 3; “Yes” 6,213-2,806 on Prop. A; “No” 5,757-3,895 on Prop. B; and “Yes” 6,244-2,956 on Prop. E.

Pike County results
Jim Hansen (R) beat Paul Quinn (D) 4,120-3,093 in the state representative District 40 race among Pike County voters.
Chris Mennemeyer (R) overtook Ben Burkemper (D) 3,709-3,485 in circuit judge Circuit 45.
Curt Mitchell (D) won the eastern county commissioner race 1,638-1,579 over Walter Logan II (R). Don Gerken Jr. (I) took 188 votes.
Jim Luebrecht (D) defeated Gale Griffith Frolos (R) 2,125-1,693 in the western county commissioner race.
Sheriff Stephen Korte (R) won the sheriff’s race 4,887-2,359 over Lynn Turner, Jr. (D).
Donna Dempsey Prioer (D) won the assessor’s race 4,941-2,184 over Leo Brueggen (R).
Nina Long (D) squeaked by Brad Hufty (R) 3,626-3,553 in the public administrator race.

Ralls County results
Jim Hansen (R) beats Paul Quinn (D) 2,642-2,306 in District 40 race among Ralls County voters.
Steven Whitaker (D) defeated Larry Hildebrand (R) 1,399-1,292 in  the Western Commissioner race.
Gerry Dinwiddie (R) defeated Sheriff Paul Forney (D) 2,676-2,278.