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Remley family reflection

Posted on Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 11:30 am

In lieu of his brother Jimmie Remley recently passing away, Joe Remley shared this photo from 1954 with “The Vandalia Leader” when he visited the office on Monday. It portrays the six Remley brothers with their father as the photo was taken with the Vandalia Post Office and the garment factory as a unique back drop. Joe’s mom passed away when he was very young and the boys were split up as three went to live in the Missouri Baptist Children’s Home and others went to live with an uncle. This picture was taken just before some of the brothers enlisted into the military. Shown, from left: Jimmie Remley, Albert Clyde Remley Jr., Joe Remley, twins Melvin and Alvin Remley, Ned Lee Remley, and Albert Clyde Remley Sr. With the brothers living all over the country, they didn’t take a photo together until several years later when Joe’s father passed away.