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Reminder on tornado sirens

Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 at 10:49 am

With concerns for tornadoes increasing as August goes along, it’s important to remind area residents on the outdoor emergency warning siren procedure.
As per what is posted on the City of Vandalia’s website, warning sirens are sounded with an even tone for approximately two minutes.
Additionally,  when  the  National  Weather  Service  issues  a  Tornado Warning for Audrain  County;  weather  spotters  will  be  sent  to  pre-designated  locations  to physically   watch   for   funnel   clouds. Personnel   in   the   dispatch   center   will constantly  monitor  the  MULES  computer  system  for  weather  condition  updates and  also  the  local  weather  on  television  and  radio  until  such  time  as  the  national Weather Service cancels the Tornado Warning for Audrain County. If a funnel cloud is spotted by one of the weather spotters or if the weather service advises there is a funnel cloud in the immediate area of Vandalia, the sirens will be sounded with a wailing tone for approximately 10 minutes. There will be no voice message.
Tornado  Watch
• Means  that  conditions  are  favorable  for  producing  a  particular  weather  event,  but  that  it  has  not  formed  yet. Watches  alert  the  public  that  they need to pay closer attention than usual to the weather, just to be safe. A tornado watch  is  issued  when  atmospheric  conditions  could  cause  tornadoes  to  form, although none have formed yet. Sirens not sounded.
Tornado Warning
• Means that a  particular  weather event  has  formed  and  that  it threatens the area under the warning. A tornado warning means that a tornado is actually  present  and  moving  in  the  warned  vicinity. Residents  should  take immediate shelter in a tornado warning. Sirens sounded in an even tone.
Funnel Cloud
• Means that a funnel cloud has been sighted by one of the  weather  spotters  or  the  weather  service  advises  there  is  a  funnel  cloud  in  the immediate  area  of  Vandalia.  Sirens  sounded  with  wailing  tone  no  voice message. Resident should take immediate shelter.